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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

By Char

Subtitle: Another Reason I Love My Hosting Company

So often we hear the negatives about customer service with companies today. Often we tend to overlook all the good things someone does to focus on the one mistake they made. One of my favorite web hosting companies recently made a mistake, and when I made an inquiry, they were professional enough to help me see it through and get it resolved.

In December I got my normal hosting bill from HostGator. I logged in and paid via PayPal, like I always do. I got my PayPal receipt and filed it away. Less than a week later I get a note from HostGator saying that unless I pay my bill immediately, they will suspend my account. I panicked and quickly paid it using my Visa.

I got wrapped up in the holiday craziness and the responsibilities of being a mom with a sick child and forgot about it.

When I got my latest billing note, I went back and did some research. I did pay them twice. So, I sent off a note to customer service and the response was from a real person in moments. Tim instructed me as to what supporting info they needed and after a handful of emails back and forth, they were able to confirm the double payment and applied it to this month’s invoice.

I was already a huge fan of HostGator’s services – they are reasonably priced, offer a ton of features (like Fantastico and a bunch of stats programs), and I have had NO downtime across 18 domains. Now I am an extremely loyal customer, too.  

The moral of the story is that you never know when going the extra mile for a customer will make them cross the line from happy to loyal.

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I wish more companies understood the value of good customer service and the role it plays in customer loyalty. It’s nice to read a positive story about customer service instead of the usual ranting that goes on in the blogosphere. I’m new to your blog, and we share lots of the same interests, so will definitely be coming back to visit! If you decide to outsource some of your web design work, I’m available! (


Thanks for stopping in! I just checked out your blog – it is very unique – love it.

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