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Google Turns Out the Lights

By Char

google turns out the lights

Did you see it? Google turned out its “lights” tonight in support of Earth Hour. How about you? Did you turn the lights off tonight from 8-9 pm? If so, what’d you do instead? Us – let’s just say we missed it, but I have turned out all unneeded lights this evening, as I normally do.

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A friend came by just before 8. I didn’t think it’d be polite to turn off lights on her. But, all unused lights are off, per usual.


We turned off all of the lights everywhere – except we left the TV on and I was working & tweeting on the computer!


Glenda – You’re right – she probably wouldn’t enjoy sitting in the dark. I plan on being lights out for the next 8 hours. Does that count?

HART – Thanks for letting me know about this – otherwise I would have been really confused when I saw Google’s page.


We were lights out and canfles on for the whole evening. Being a Sydneysider who helped kick things off last year there wasn’t any problem in remembering.

As you mentioned any unused light in our home is always turned off and we now make sure that unused appliances are turned off at the wall socket (no more standby).

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) report that around half of all Sydney homes and business participated. I wonder what we’ll do next year.


We just had a power out over here in Bangkok but that was unrelated to this event.


There was once an research showing that if all websites in the world used a black background the energy consumption would decrease quite a bit.

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