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Happy New Year Blogtipping Day!

By Char

Go blogtipping Happy 2007 everyone! Let’s hope for a challenging, successful and happy New Year. It is the first of the month, which means it is time to go Blogtipping. This simple exercise is a must do. Here are the basics:

  • Select three blogs (could be your favorites, new favorites or new discoveries)
  • Highlight three positives about each blog
  • Give one piece of constructive criticism (that’s the tip)
  • Don’t forget to categorize or tag it as blogtipping

I have added quite a few new blogs to my daily reads over the last month. From these new blogs I have learned some, laughed some and have been made to think, too.

Sandy at

1. Sandy took a rather ho-hum list of good blogs and made it something special in her recent post called Z-Listers are Now Pic Shots.

2. Her blog has a nice variety of business related posts, review, and social networking style posts.

3. Sandy’s side bar is chock full of useful information, from who she is to where else you can read her work to the books she recommends.

My tip: Add either more white space between posts or some other visual separator. My eye has a hard time deciding where one post ends and a new one begins.

1. Andrew’s recent post called Kickstart Your Blogging Business and Make Big Money: 7 Reality Checks has to be one of the best posts I have read in a long time. Plenty of sage advice, humor and good images.

2. Andrew’s site has a nice, clean layout that makes good use of space and pages (like about, long bio and resources)

3. I like the Most Popular Posts segment in the sidebar.

My Tip: Clean up the side bar. Add some white space between sections/widgets.

Cat from Designers Who Blog

1. I love that everytime I visit this blog it has a new header featuring a different designer, photographer, illustrator, and such.

2. Cat has done a nice job on the sidebar – using more creative terms like Hungry? instead of Feed and Curious? instead of Navigation or Menu.

3. It is nice to see that Cat is back from her travels and has even alphabetized that Z-list that Sandy made into pictures.

My tip: Sorry Cat, not much to request for improvement. I am looking forward to you posting a bit more often. And yes, I know I still owe you something – will get on that soon.

So, who will you tip today?

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Hey Shar,
tks for the feedback.

have a great year ahead!

ps: my sidebar had much more stuff before, it’s always a challenge to keep improving isn’t it?
nonetheless, lemme see what i can do. cheers!


egads!, sorry char.
i am suffering from some weird keyboarditis today.
excuse the typo for your name.


No problem Andrew! Glad you stopped by – and yes, maintaining a blog is always like trying to hit a moving target. This one is about due for renovations – just trying to find the time.


Hi Char, what a great way to start the year. Blogtipping is a great idea that i can use for my homeofficewomen site.

Thanks for sharing.


Doris – thanks for stopping by. Blogtipping is a great tool for your blog. It’s not too late to do one for January – everyone has the long weekend as an excuse. Plus, the first time I did one I didn’t realize you were supposed to blogtip on the first of the month, so it’s okay no matter when you join in.



What a nice surprise! I didn’t know the Blogtipping rules, thanks for letting me know about being able to catch up this weekend. It’ll be my very first one. Sweet :-)


Cat – I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


Hi Char,

Thanks for the blogtip! I’m behind on feed reading and didn’t realize this was up until today. I just made some changes – put all the books on the store and the buttons on the about page and added a products (I like) page. I totally agree with the space between posts – and I’ll make that change. I often notice that on other blogs, but missed it on my own! That’s why Blogtipping Day is so great!



Sandy – you are welcome. I know you are very busy and sometimes we get too close to our own work to be able to see it objectively – I have this issue regularly. I love how blogtipping is beneficial on so many levels.

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