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Have You Implemented Your Adsense Privacy Policy Yet?

By Char

If you are a web publisher who uses Google Adsense as a means to earn extra cash on your web sites, you should have recently agreed to their new Terms of Service (TOS). Did you know that when you agreed to those terms, you agreed to have a privacy policy statement on your site? Do you know that you need to implement that now?

The new terms want you to let your site visitors know that you use technology such as cookies, log files and web beacons on your site in order to serve up the most targeted advertising and that your visitors have the ability to disable the cookies, too.

Jennifer Slegg (aka Jensense) was generous enough to write up an Adsense-friendly privacy policy that you can copy and modify to fit your site. Thank you Jennifer!!

I added the privacy statement to my about pages on my sites that run Adsense (not this one) and it only takes a few minutes to do. Get compliant! Add your privacy statement now.

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hi there,
i’m a new blogger and i really appreciate people like you who keep the other bloggers updated, especially on things like keeping up with the agreed TOS.


Happy – welcome! I’m glad I was able to help you out.


Good post about Adsense policy. Thank you.


Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t read all of the privacy policy. Actually i never do that because 99% it’s the same long story all over again.


This is such an important point and one easily overlooked. Thank you for the link to a policy that can be used on our blogs. I’ve already got one posted on a Privacy Policy page on my blog, but will go over and check the one you provided for additional ideas/suggestions/changes.


I just made a new page with the privacy policy on it. I didn’t read the last ToS (or anyone for that matter), but I’m glad someone did. Thanks.


Thanks, I had been waiting for the post but somehow missed it.


It’s good to get a privacy policy up, but I see this more as Google covering their legal bases and won’t be pushing it unless a complaint is lodged against your site.


never knew anything about it until i read this will implement now.


Great catch! I am one of those who’s guilty of just clicking “Yes.” It’s possible I’ve promised my firstborn to Microsoft, but I can’t convince them to take her.

Good form!


This is useful. It’s so easy to click “I agree” without actually understanding what you agree to these days. Hopefully this will help keep my site on Google’s good site.

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