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Highlights from my weekly reads

By Char

I’m on the go this morning – something about real life and needing to do something with my crew. LOL. Anyhow, here are some of the highlights found in my reader this week. Enjoy!

What was your favorite read this week? I’d love to know! Leave the link (no junk please – I’ll have to use my veto powers) of one of your favorite posts this week – one you think my readers will like too, in the comments. And have a great weekend.

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Thanks for sharing the live-love Char!

I just updated my post to add your previous post, showing you were one of the 3 online women business owners who reminded me to take a closer look into sk*rt.

I am simply amazed what I gained (not just all the wonderful stats, traffic, etc.) that I share in my post, but the relationships there are great too!

I love the ability to reply directly in the comments to a comment made within the post. I wish blog comments had this ability, so when when some mid-commentator asks a question the answer doesn’t get totally lost if and when its answered 5-6 or even dozens of comments later. Does that even make sense?!

Hmm…as for my favorite read this week…besides sk*rt!?

Well, I tried something totally different (yes, found at sk*rt): a PersonalDNA test. It was simply amazing, the process of taking the test and the results.

Here’s the sk*rt on it!

Here’s the direct link.

And, as a mommy (not because I need to extra brownie points or anything), but Char, I LOVE your Summer Chore Chart


Hi Char. Thanks for the list, and the mention. ;) Sk*rt looks like a fun community with a lot of potential. I had never heard of it before, but I’m not surprised someone furthered the idea behind Digg by carving it up into an even tighter niche for women. Seems like ideas spread like a grass fire on the net. Pretty cool.

By the way, on a totally unrelated note – whenever I see your name in a comment somewhere I have to do a double-take because that has been my nickname (Char) since childhood. I presume the pronunciation is different (mine rhymes with “chair”, rather than “shaur”) but it gets me for a second every time until I realize people are not referring to me! :D

I’d also like to say quickly, since this is my first comment on your blog – I really admire your ability to manage so much at once. I see you have several blogs and (3 children?) and I don’t know how you do it all! I struggle with ONE blog and 2 kids, the youngest of which is 1yr old and VERY high maintenance. I never feel like I can accomplish in a day what I set out to.


Ponn – you are most welcome for the link. I really like sk*rt – I do wish they had a category for our “business” posts. I’m glad you like the chore chart. My kids are doing well with it.


Charity – Thanks for leaving a comment – I hope it is one of many to come! I am glad I found your blog – so much great stuff in it.

Char is short for Charlene – so it sounds like Shar I guess. I go by either one, but for some reason Char seems to be more memorable.

Yes, I have three kids (almost 11, 8 and 5), manage 5-6 blogs, do web design & maintenance, and coach gymnastics 3 times a week. I am a crazy lady, but I function so much better when I am busy than when I am bored. I never accomplish everything I set out to do in one day, but I’m okay with that.

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