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Home Office Essential – A Back Up Office Location

By Char

working at paneraFor the second day in a row, our hi-speed cable has gone out. Yesterday I took it as an opportunity to go enjoy the sunshine and take a nice long walk, but today won’t cut it – I have too much work to do!! Rather than freak out on the phone with Comcast again, I decided to find the nearest Wi-fi hot spot, pack up my stuff and take my mobile office on the road!

I live about 20 minutes from civilization in any direction so its not like there is a wi-fi hot spot on every corner. The local library was my first choice but they are on the same pipeline as our house and are also without connectivity today. Starbucks and Panera are always safe second choices. I prefer Panera’s food, work space and location so it won out today.

If you work from home, do you have a back up office location? You should! Whether it is the local library or a local cafe, you should identify a handful of back up office locations so you can keep your workflow going when you can not work from your home office.

Another option is to get a wireless air card through your wireless provider. While we do have one, it doesn’t do me much good when my husband has it with him while he travels. I could pick up a second one, but am have a hard time justifying the expense if I am not using it all the time.

Not sure if there is a wi-fi hotspot near by? Try looking one up at JiWire where they have listings for over 200,000 wi-fi locations in more than 135 countries.

Do you have a home office plan B?  

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It’s a good idea to always have a back up spot. I have gotten caught in that situation many times before!


One of the other good options I’ve found is to hanve an arrangement with another local business person and when/if needed you can actually work from each others premises (be that office or home) should the need arise.

In your situation Char they may have also been on the same Comcast cable but then the option might be to have an arrangement with a business that uses a different provider.


Home business people like me are dependent on internet access.I run my online business 100% from my laptop, but sometimes I have no internet connection.The only option is to take the laptop and go to the local cafe where they have free internet access.


My studio is mobile, so I take my office on the road most days. My business was built on word-of-mouth and referrals, so I approach my “Plan B” office with that in mind. I strive to make the office approach mutually beneficial, not just from the coffee purchase perspective.

I live in a major metro area, but do business in several of the smaller outlying towns. I scout out independent business (restaurants, coffee shops, etc) with the things I need i.e. wireless access and a place to hold meetings. In exchange, I offer to do the occasional photo shoot for web updates, brochures and promotions. If I do something of that nature, I will usually give them a blurb on the website or in the blog.

That is a win-win and the way we like to do business. Hope this helps you scout out a “Plan B” with the needs of both your business and the host business being considered.



As my business is writing, I rarely need more than my laptop and a wi-fi connection. I try to work a couple of days a week at either:

Starbucks (I know, I know),
the local community college,
a little local place called the “Souper Cafe” (they sell soup), or
Barnes & Noble.


Thank you for this information. I now know where I can go just in case.


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