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Hooray For More Little Victories

By Char - Create custom images When I posted about my little victories last week, I invited my blogging pals to brag right along with me. After all, it is the little victories along the way that pave the road to success!

And keeping true to my word, I give you a quick recap:

  • Wendy at eMomsAtHome – “My big win this last month was when Alexa started breaking out rank by country. I was astonished to find myself in the top 7000 sites visited in the US. It ’twas a big ego boost, especially because it’s so much higher than an ‘overall’ Alexa rank!”
  • Robert at MiddleZoneMusings – “Yeah, I accomplished something this week too! Middle Zone Musings now has it’s new home in it’s own domain! Yay! Woo-hoo! As a reward, my Technorati rank went from about 46,000 (on the old site) to 1,720,287 (on the new one)! Yay!, Woo-hoo – oh, wait, you’re supposed to go the OTHER way, right?”
  • Phil at Unintentionally Blank – “Now I’m hanging around 70,000 and it is much nicer. I hope I can make it up a level soon, especially since I had to take time away when I didn’t have a net connection.”
  • Doris at HomeOfficeWomen – “One of my little victories was when my Homeofficewomen blog got a PR3 in less than 2 months. Thanks to all who linked me, including you and the highlight in Momgadget.”
  • Dawud Miracle at Healthy Web Design – “I did just celebrate doubling my traffic in Feb after doubling it from Jan. That means for 4x gain in traffic since the first of the year.”

And thanks to well wishers Webomatica, Colleen of Geeky Speaky, Robyn McMaster and Mark from Bloglyne.

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Celebrating your own little victory with Technorati rankings by dishing out an extra link yourself. Very generous! Thanks!


You know what they say – they more you give the more you get. And it never hurts to be nice.


I’m finding it’s farily easy to grow site traffic with my blog. What’s better, though, is I’m meeting very interesting people and have even begun working with some of the bloggers I’ve met. All-in-all, it’s the relationship/community aspects of blogging that I’m most fond of.


Yeah, blogging is the greatest thing since… sliced bread! (Whole wheat, butter, and apricot jam on top, please!)

Thanks for the extra link, Char! You’re a peach!


Thank you kindly for the nod :)

Such great news – I am actually on Alexa’s radar!

My 3 month avg is 742,880
My 1 week avg is 154,634
My Yesterday avg is 92,439

Now, that is not great by any stretch, but the site has been up less than 30 days, so I am pleased with the progress :)

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the link love Char – you rock! :)


Thanks again for the buzz, Char – you are awesome! :)

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