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I found the end of the Internet

By Char

While finishing my coffee this morning I decided to do a little Stumbling through the Internet. I checked out about 15 different sites – and then I saw this:

The end of the Internet

All these years on line and I finally found it! Did you know that the end of the Internet even existed (outside of TV commercials)? I didn’t. But now I can officially say I found it – and you can too – just visit I guess it is kind of like trying to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, but the end of the internet isn’t worth anything.

Back to work now!

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I like it. It’s amazing what one stumbles upon.
An interesting concept, though–the end of the Internet.
Thanks for sharing.


I reached the end of the internet once after finishing all my feeds in Google Reader… it’s a strange feeling :D

I had a quick search for the end of the internet and the number 10 result was a bit worrying!


I never know you can hit a dead end on the web. Interesting.


gg, really funny, is a great Idea to use as 404 error page.


Johno – I have turned up all sorts of fun stuff while Stumbling the internet.

Phil – you are right – that is a bit scary.

Betshopboy – Apparently there are a few ends to the internet.

Turismo – I like the idea of using it as a 404! Good thinking.


Heh that’s a good one. Now I wonder if anyone ever found the beginning of the internet.


Ohhhh, the things you can find on Stumbl.

I WISH I found the end of the internet. That means no more procrastination on Stumbl for me!


That’s classic Char, and a good reminder about “balance”.. and making time to go outside and play. LOL.


Heh… that’s a very funny one.


Excellent. Can we stop spending so much time on here then?


this is funny, I forgot all about it. I remember finding this once and thinking what the heck. lol



thats funny…

I remember watching a video recently which said the internet crashed!! .. :D

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