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In Case You Missed It – Links for 4-9-08

By Char

Busy, busy, busy is my life this week, but there are a few posts that I just have to share – just in case you missed it!

Are you using Twitter to connect yet? Wendy has published a huge list of Moms on Twitter while her Dad-focused writer Derek has got the Dads Twit list covered.

Dawud is back with a brand new site design and a thought provoking article on outsourcing for your business.

Chris Garrett wants to know who has upgraded to WordPress 2.5. I have upgraded on some client sites but am holding off on my own for a few more days. I already know that some of my favorite plugins don’t work in 2.5 and that is why I am dragging my feet. I do like the new dashboard though.

Today is CSS Naked Day – as you can see, I’m not baring all, but Phil, Lorelle, Leah and others are.

Katy at I’m Blogging That has a great post on Creating a Comment Community.

Dealing with IE6 has got to be one of my biggest nightmares as a designer. I’m not alone according to Selene’s Save the Developers Upgrade Your Browser post.

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Thanks for the mention of the Dads Twit list, it has been great to find so many more dads to connect with on twitter and I know the Moms list has done much the same.


Thanks for the mention, Char! :)

I’m actually planning a follow up post to the Save the Developers post (hopefully later today). I’ll be taking my own personal stance against IE6 (at least on my blog).

I’m finishing up on some tweaks on the template, including non-IE6 friendly transparent PNG’s. Nice! LOL – something I’ve held back from using for so long because of all the issues with IE6.

I do hope the campaign takes off – it’s a great idea and I’m glad I found the site – thanks to someone I follow on Twitter! :)

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