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Is Technorati Being Reactionary?

By Char

I stopped in at Technorati this morning and noticed a little change. My blogs are now listed with “authority” numbers instead of favorites. What do you think the chances are that it is a reaction from Technorati to the “favorites train“?


You can still add blogs as your favorites, it is just not as prominent. I checked their blog and didn’t see anything on the change, yet.

What do you think – is this a change they had already had in the works or is this a case of reactionism?

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Isn’t the authority score just the number of blogs that link to you? I can’t look into it now as I’m on my mobile! I’d like to hear what is going on from Technorati though.


It is. I just wonder if they are reacting to the Technorati train by de-emphasizing the favorites feature.


I think they are, too many were doing I think and they stopped it. Did it hurt those that were ranked the top 100 favorites? I didn’t check since last night.


I can see the number of blogs, but not the number of actual links. Is this info still available?


Hi all

Noticed it too (yesterday). I think the authority counts for blogs linking to your blog. The number of links you still can see:
164 links to this URL sorted by [freshness]
when you click on ‘authority’

And ‘favoured by’ is now named: fans (what’s in a name ;-) )


The top 100 favourite blogs remains and now there is a “fans” section on the left hand side of the page for your blog which shows avatars for the people who have favourited your blog. If anything this is making favourites more prominent, certainly more interesting and useful compared to one line that reads “Favourited by x people” or whatever it was.

The use of the word authority is really just aesthetics and certainly stands for number of unique blogs linking in the last 6 months.


Hi Char,

Personally I don’t see much of a difference in what they’ve done. To be honest I’ve not looked into it much, but I think they’ve made a change that doesn’t matter to me an awful lot.


Just another reason why I don’t pay attention to rankings and scores etc.

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