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Is There an RSS Feed Doctor in the House?

By Char

doctorSomething strange is going on with one of my feeds and I have checked and rechecked everything I know to check and still keep coming up blank. Is there a Feed Doctor in the house? The feed in question is at my personal blog, Casual Keystrokes.
Here are the symptoms of my ailing feed:

  1. Even though I have Full Feeds checked in my WordPress Dashboard, this feed only shows up as a partial feed in most readers.
  2. When I go to check my feed subscribers in p-Metrics (my new stats love), I get this error “This feed does not permit Awareness API access”, even though it has been activated in Feedburner.
  3. On my community page for Casual Keystrokes at MyBlogLog, there is a “no feed available at this time” message.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is it my theme? Is it somewhere in the code? Have I forgotten to check a setting? If you have any ideas, please give me your diagnosis!

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Hi Char,

I think problem number 1 is a WordPress thing, using the <–more–> tag leaves your feed as a partial one regardless of selecting display full feed. I had this problem and found a plugin that helped.

I can’t help with your feedburner issues though, I’m afraid. Sorry!


I’m having a similar issue and I also use feedburner and it’s telling me it’s some in my code. In other words I’ve done something in a post or posts that’s causing the problem. You should run the validator link within your log in area at feedburner for this feed and see what comes back as the problem/issues.
I feel your pain this is a frustrating problem.


I was also going to suggest feed validator:

I use this when to decode bugs from feeds from my own blogs. I assume you can use it for blogs you subscribe to. Good luck, it is not fun…

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