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It’s The Little Victories

By Char

I know that no one but me honestly cares about this, but I was excited to see that I broke into the top 50,000 at Technorati for this blog this week. Considering I was at 190,000 a few months ago, I’m happy.


So, thank you to all who have linked to me and here’s to my next goal – the top 10,000.

It’s the little victories like this one that keep us blogging. Whether it is a traffic spike, great commenters, a few Adsense dollars, or a mention at another blog, the pieces all add up to happy bloggers. And happy bloggers share good information – and that helps us all.

And while we are on the subject (kind of), don’t forget to join my community at MyBlogLog. I currently have 35 members and would love to get to 100 by the end of March.

Did you celebrate any little victories this week or this month? I give you permission to brag – do it here in a comment or on your own blog and I’ll give you a link.

Have a great weekend!



Yay Char!! WOOT! Congrats!!! :)

My big win this last month was when Alexa started breaking out rank by country. I was astonished to find myself in the top 7000 sites visited in the US. It ’twas a big ego boost, especially because it’s so much higher than an ‘overall’ Alexa rank!


Congratulations, Char! You go, girl! (Oops, my feminine side took control for a moment. Uh, Give ‘em heck, trooper! Ah, that’s better.) Keep those goals ahead of you – something to shoot for makes it easier to tell when you’ve arrived.

Yeah, I accomplished something this week too! Middle Zone Musings now has it’s new home in it’s own domain! Yay! Woo-hoo! As a reward, my Technorati rank went from about 46,000 (on the old site) to 1,720,287 (on the new one)! Yay!, Woo-hoo – oh, wait, you’re supposed to go the OTHER way, right?

Ah, well, to quote that great philosopher Arnold Swartzenegger, “I’ll be back!”


Wow! Nice one! Top 50,000 is quite an achievement! I remember first signing up to Technorati and reading how my blog was 1.6 millionth! Quite disheartening.

Now I’m hanging around 70,000 and it is much nicer. I hope I can make it up a level soon, especially since I had to take time away when I didn’t have a net connection.

Maybe someday I’ll be a favourite blog too, two people have favourited you so that’s pretty cool!

Well done!


It will come sooner than you think, I’m sure! I think these things have a way of snowballing. Just keep doing what you’re doing!


Congrats! I did my part by adding you to the tech list here:


Congrats Char… One of my little victories was when my Homeofficewomen blog got a PR3 in less than 2 months. Thanks to all who linked me, including you and the highlight in Momgadget (Thanks, Gayla).


Congratulations o the new rating – I am still way down there, but working on it :) Keep up the good work!


Char, keep up the great work you do here. Like the way you’re interacting with others and sharing great ideas. No wonder you have reached 50,000. Congrats!


Great news, Char. Keep up the great work.

I did just celebrate doubling my traffic in Feb after doubling it from Jan. That means for 4x gain in traffic since the first of the year.

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