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John Smit Jr. Stop Spamming Me!

By Char

Okay, this jerk John Smit Jr. keeps spamming this blog and I’m sick of it. So feel free to send him a nasty note for me! His email is:

I am not interested in his books, reports or any other forex crap he is pushing. I just want him to go away! Now.

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Spam is the spawn of something most evil. But even more evil is when it tries to hide under the guise of something wonderful like the onslaught of Christmas spam that is being served up right now! It is truly sickening.

John Smit, for the love of all that’s good and right in this world, please stop tormenting Char!


Thanks Chris! I am being served up more garden variety spam than usual too – but the John Smit stuff is different and irritating.


I wonder if he even gets email, most of these people make sure that they can’t get emailed back. UGH. frustrating I keep getting some college stuff over at homemom. ERRR.

Happy Holidays though!!


He has been spamming me from two separate emails. Most of them I just delete right away, but its getting on my nerves. I need to read up on how to ban or report someone for spam.

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