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Keeping Up With the Masses – Corporate Social Media Use

By Char

There is no disputing that the general public has embraced social media and it is here to stay – although we know it will evolve. Companies, both big and small, are starting to come to the realization that social media can be a positive part of their overall business strategy. The following are some articles I sent on to a client this morning who is beginning to develop a social media strategy:

DoshDosh put together a great guide for beginners, marketers and companies to using Twitter – complete with 17 ways to use it as inspiration.

Business Week talks about how companies are starting to use Twitter to bolster their brands.

I’m pretty sure I have linked to this before, but Peter Kim has put together a list of companies and what social media tools they are using.

The Boston Globe reports how businesses are using social media to identify and resolve customer complaints.

According to an Inc. study, its Inc. 500 companies are early adopters of social media use.

And Jeremiah Owyang gives tips and resources for monitoring your brand online.

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wow very complete info here :)


It’s amazing what corporations will do to keep their brand in a person’s mind. You can’t go anywhere these days without being bombarded by advertisements…it’s enough to make a person pull their hair out, screaming.

However, it was interesting to see what corporations/brands advertise on the sites I frequent…it makes one wonder about corporations sense of moral responsibility.


Hello Char, it’s my 1st time here, and it certainly will not be my last…

To your point, social media has revolutionized communicating, sales, marketing,etc on the web. MySpace will be known as the grandfather, as it has spawned hundreds if not thousands of niche social media sites. If you are a savvy marketer, you can find your target audience with ease by joining and engaging with these niche social media sites. Cool post!


Thank you for the great resources regarding social media. I’m new to all of this and your article was very helpful.



I’m sure you’ve seen it but the recent study published by Cone (Boston based consulting firm) is also pretty interesting. Its finding reveal the extent to which social media marketing is influencing todays consumers. Just Google it and you should find it – otherwise I wrote about it on my blog:


Some good points there. Social media is still on the rise. Great resources. Thanks for sharing


Most companies use of social media is inept. The one area where more than a handful of companies do well is using social media to find good job candidates. Instead of waiting around for the best people to make the effort to look for a job, find those influencers online and contact them directly.


You may be interested in Chris Brogan’s take on this. There are some good points about how social media scales up for large businesses and entities.

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