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Keystroke Heart Art

By Char

keystroke heartOne of the top searches on this site is for keystroke art – also known as ascii art – for creating pictures using combinations of keyboard characters. It amazes me how elaborate some of these keystroke art designs really are. Since Valentines’ Day is later this week, here are some links for ascii hearts to let you express¬† your inner geek.

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Unbelievable how people have the vision to create these pictures. Must take ages.


Ahhh, reminds me of my BBS days. I was young and easily impressed by an ASCII rose… ;)


You’d be surprised how even technology can create art in its own unique way and be able to give a good impression. A friend of mine was even able to make a clear image of me with the use of the keypad characters of her cellphone. It’s something I know I wouldn’t be able to do and only those passionate and determined people can.


Wow that’s pretty crazy! It must take years to find out how to draw something like that only using the keys. That heart looks amazing. I actually always thought that the pictures i saw like these where fake.

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