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Looking for a Laptop

By Char

Attention shoppers! I am starting to think that it is time to replace my Toshiba laptop. Granted, it has served me well since 2003, but this thing weighs a ton, the keyboard is flaky, and I am not sure how long it is going to hang in there.

I am calling on my blog readers to make suggestions! Do you have a laptop? What kind? Would you buy it again? What do you recommend?

I would like a smaller, lightweight laptop that I can use for surfing, blogging, and such. I am not a big gamer (solitaire doesn’t count) and I probably wouldn’t use it for graphic design (I do most of that on my 21″ flat screen or on my iMac).

So, influence me! Tell me what I should get.

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Don’t leave the brand, Toshiba still rock. I’d go IBM after that and then HP.

If you’re looking for power, go for Intels Dual Core laptops, else Single core if battery life is more important.

Go with 1GB Ram, it’s cheap nowadys. The rest are all for you to decide, how much HD space and since you don’t game vga isn’t important. I like the 15.x” laptops cause its widescreen, just love it for office-type work, else a 17″, but its gonna be heavier.


Thanks for the input TechZ! I’ll let you know what I get.

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