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Make Sure You Own Your Domain And 3 Other Important Tips

By Char

This morning I got a frantic call from an associate I have known for years. She is disgruntled with her current web manager and wanted to know if I was taking new clients. I asked her why she was considering a switch and she rattled off a handful of reasons, but one was that she felt her web manager was withholding information. I agreed to take her company on as a client. As she started collecting the information I needed to take over her site, it became very apparent that things were amiss.

Here are a few words of sage advice to all of you!

1. ALWAYS purchase your own domain name. Do not let your designer, seo company, friend or relative buy it for you. If anything goes south in the relationship, you have no real recourse and it can be a pain to untangle this. Make sure you print out the user name and password for the account and keep it in a safe place.

2. Know where your web site is being hosted. You should also have your FTP address, user name and password printed out and in the same file as your domain name information. This is YOUR information. You have all rights to it and need to have access to it in the event that your web manager can no longer do the job for you.

3. The content and design of your web site belongs to YOU. If you paid a designer to create the site, YOU own it. They have no right to keep it from you.

4. Back up your site to CD. Do this from time to time. Like all other business information, you need to have it in a safe place in case of emergency.

To most of you this will sound like pure common sense, but I have seen businesses make these mistakes over and over.

Besides the important tips and information received here regarding obtaining your own  website, were you aware you could watch your home or business via the web through video received from security cameras installed onto your computer? Be sure to see DVR – Digital Video Recorders for further information. This site might also be of interest.



I’ve been in that same position twice in the last year. I can’t imagine keeping passwords and hosting information from clients, but I guess some of the more shady characters out there see it as job security.

Fortunately I’ve been able to take the back door route and managed to regain their websites from hosts (thank goodness there are a few tricks out there to find where things are hosted) and change the passwords locking out the the former web designers.

My kids think I’m some sort of super hero hacker LOL – where’s my phone booth? I need to change :)


I keep my cape in the corner of my office – it gets used too often!!

That must be it – job security. But in my opinion, that attitude eventually backfires.

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