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Making pMetrics Even Better

By Char

How do you make the best stats package for bloggers even better?? You add even more incredibly useful features to an already irreplacable product. The pMetrics staff let us know in advance that the servers would be down this weekend while they did some updates. I truly felt lost (kind of like blogging in the dark) without access to all that data over the weekend but the wait was worth it!

The new features include (from the official pMetrics blog – the full details are there as well):

  • Bounce rate – shown in “the basics” dashboard module. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who only have 1 action, and is typically a good measure of how interesting your site is.
  • New visitor filtering interface, makes it very easy to find and analyze any subset of visitors. Filters work across multiple days now, although we are limiting it to 7 days max for the moment. When you use data export with any filters applied, those filters apply to the export as well. Screenshot
  • New centralized area to manage all site preferences. Click the “cog” icon in your site’s tab bar.
  • Most active visitors – shows you the people who come to your site the most often within the specified date range
  • Visitor hostnames and organizations – much more interesting than a list of boring IPs. We plan to add a site preference to always show visitors by IP for those of you who prefer that instead (we’ve had a few emails already)
  • More accurate numbers for searches, links, and content
  • Recent and Newest Unique for searches and links. Very useful to find new sources of traffic to your site, that won’t get buried in the long tail
  • Tracking code updates – pMetrics is now perfect for tracking Flash and Ajax sites – more info here. Also, you can now customize the “pause” length when someone clicks a download or outbound link (defaults to 500 milliseconds).
  • API – all visitor and action filters work with the API now, they didn’t before. (browser, os, country, page title, etc). We’ve also added all the new data types to the API (most active visitors, bounce rate, etc).
  • Popular data pages (searches, content, etc) now have trend data just like the dashboard, including the ability to click the trend percentage and see daily history for that one item. Also added “next page” button so you can see beyond the top 50. I can’t think of any good reason why I never did this before, because it’s basically the most obvious feature in the world.
  • Easier to name your visitors – when viewing details for a visitor, next to their IP is a link “name this visitor” which takes you right to the IP tagging page with the IP address filled in.

If you haven’t already tried out pMetrics, you really should. With the basic free version of pMetrics you can monitor up to 3 sites at once. If you are like me and manage more, I recommend upgrading to the Pro version for $3.99 per month. With Pro you can monitor up to 10 sites at a time and you get access to all of the pMetrics features. When you register, you get 21 days of Pro for FREE anyhow, so give it a whirl!

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The Blogger version is $3.99 and the Pro version is $9.99

Did they just increase the price?


Good catch! I do think they recently raised the price, but even still, it is worth every penny.


I recently signed up for pMetrics when I launched my site. The only problem with getting a 21 day trial for the full version is that it makes it hard to see what you’re missing out on if you are only going to use Basic. My own preference would be to have an option to trial full version rather than automatically do it.

I must admit it does look pretty slick. I just wish I could combine all the best bits of my favourite stats packages into one monster package

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