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As a web designer with extensive WordPress and social media experience, I take an integrated approach to marketing and design, developing tools that work for you—and your customers. I invest time in learning your business and understanding your customers and the people you need to reach. Based on that foundation, I analyze your needs, review your existing programs, and help you develop a strategy that best fits your business.

We are all voyeurs of sorts – I mean people watching could be considered a sport (been to the airport lately?). We also like to know who we are talking to – and that is very important in the world of business and blogging, too. I love visiting sites that have About pages that give me some insight into the person making it all tick and photos make it even more fun.

However, keystrokes-blog-gal-2I am guilty of not really putting my true face forward on this site and around the blogosphere in general. I have my DesignHerGal persona – and while she is a cartoon, I created her and tried to make her look as much like the real Char as possible. (What do you think? A good representation or no?)

David Airey has given me a reason to put my face front and center – he has tagged me for The Face Behind The Blog Collection. Afterall, I consider so many of my readers as friends or at least associates, so I’m guessing you’d rather talk to a real person than an illustration.

So here are a few glimpses into the real me…


My handsome husband of 12 years and me


Hanging out with my super smart son – and the original inspiration behind my working from home


Doing what I love best – coaching gymnastics. This is a few years back and the star pupil is none other than my daughter.


Isn’t she the cutest? Again this is a few years ago, because this little dear will start Kindergarten in the fall.

And to think David could mistake me for Gayla?

Even more bloggers who have decided to join us are:

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If you have participated in this fun exercise, please leave me a comment so I can add you to my post. Don’t be shy – if I could do it, so can you!