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Mixx Mixes It Up With Traditional Media

By Char

Add to Mixx!A few months back I wrote about how I got traffic from CNN and their use of Sphere to link content from blogs to their articles. Well, a recent look at the CNN site shows that they have become even more hip and social – and their social darling is CNN is not the only traditional media outlet who is getting social with Mixx – the LA Times, New York Times, USA Today, Reuters, and The Weather Channel are part of a growing list who are all mixxing it up.

The difference between Mixx and other social news/bookmarking sites is how users form communities based on topics and create a more personalized experience. The Washington Post recently featured a really nice article on Mixx and its founder, Chris McGill, who took the time to explain the differences between Mixx and its social rivals.

When you visit today’s CNN article on Web use at work and how it can be a good thing, you are presented with multiple opportunities to get social with the article. They have long had the email a friend and print options on their article pages, but now check out the upper right hand corner of a CNN page:

CNN gets social

Mixx gets top billing! You can also submit the article to a variety of social bookmarking sites using the Share button, but it is Mixx that stands out from the crowd.

As you read further down the page, you are presented with the social options again:

CNN mixx

I also think it is interesting that at this point in the article, the page looks an awful lot like any successful blog page! Notice the tags, the ads by google, the Most Popular tabbed navigation box, and of course the options to get social. Makes you wonder – did blog design emulate the news media or have the news media taken on the best features from the blogosphere? I’m sure it is a bit of both – and I’m sure that the traditional media outlets are consulting with some of the most successful bloggers for input.

cnn’s social sideSo, if Mixx has CNN’s attention, which other social news and social bookmarking sites are worth investing time in? CNN seems to think these are and in this order:

Yahoo Buzz is getting quite a bit of attention lately and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the mix soon. Netscape’s Propeller is also hanging in there, but it hasn’t made too many waves as of late.

What are your favorite social news and bookmarking sites? Which ones do you think are here to stay and which ones will get drown out with all the other noise? I’d love to know what you think! And while you are at it, add this to the Mixx!

Add to Mixx!



I like the majority of CNN’s list. Mixx is fairly new to me, but having just checked out the site, I don’t mind the setup.

StumbleUpon is my personal favourite from a user standpoint, and although I don’t use the networking portion of it very frequently, the functionality is great. My only pick that’s not on the list already is I think if the recently launched ‘Groups’ work well in Beta, it will become even more usable and popular.

Thanks for the post on Mixx – I wouldn’t have taken real notice without it.


The borders between main stream media and blogs are getting thinner and thinner every day.


I haven’t heard of sphere. -checks it out-
I personally use Digg the most probably because it’s got the nicest Firefox add on. Though, stumbleupon is really awesome (if that counts) and i occasionally use technorati or delicious. I find that some of the sites I want to submit don’t quite fit the “news articles” definition that Digg uses so I don’t always add them. On the other hand, some sites are most definitely don’t seem to fit Technorati, either. If delicious were less messy and a bit easier to use, I’d probably default there.


I’m a big fan of Mixx. And when I am social networking, I find that I spend most of my time there versus Digg, Stumble, etc. I enjoy the groups facet as it helps me stay focused. I found though that once I switched from getting email notifications as they happened to getting them daily, my use of Mixx dropped significantly — more so than I would like, thus I have switched back to real time notification.

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