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Monetize Your Site with the New PerformancingAds Network

By Char

PerformancingAdsOne of the most popular ad sizes among web publishers is the 125 x 125 square. The reasons – they are compact, affordable, and can be displayed in a variety of ways. The team at PerformancingAds realizes this and has built an ad network focused entirely on these popular blocks.

PerformancingAds opened today for all web publishers. Now publishers with sites of any size can join and tap into yet another stream of revenue for their sites.

PerformancingAds is not like all the others – there are definitely aspects of the program that make them unique and worth checking out!

  • You determine where on your site the 125×125 ads will appear. Define as many regions as you’d like and you set the price you want to sell each ad for.
  • The ad exchange program is very cool! You create your own ad and place it in the exchange pool. These ads are shown on other publishers’ sites in empty ad spots.
  • You can book your own ads! Use PerformancingAds to promote affiliate content on your site or your own flagship content.
  • You get paid on the 1st of the month immediately following the advertisers’ purchase. That is so much better than waiting for 30 to 60 days for payment.
  • Advertisers purchase ads for 1 week at a time. By allowing advertisers this weekly option, you get a larger group of potential advertisers thanks to a lower threshold for advertiser entry.
  • PerformancingAds is built by publishers for publishers – the team behind the network are some of the most successful in the business and are the same team that have brought us pMetrics, Hive and Performancing. And they have a sales team actively promoting the program and working for the publishers.
  • The PerformancingAds affiliate program creates recurring income – now that is awesome!

Go check out PerformancingAds today! I have been part of the network since the pre-launch and have already sold ads and have been paid for them.



I’m looking forward to adding some of my own ads to promote a couple projects that I’ve been thinking about starting. It is nice to be able to integrate it so cleanly in with the other ads.


Hi Char

I’ve signed up with Performancing Ads via your referral link.


Sounds great, I definitely have to check this out


I’ve put signing up for PerformancingAds on my to do list.Thanks for this great resource.


This sound like a very flexible way of displaying advertisements on your site. I’m just wondering though – I’m supposed to set the price myself right? How do I know what I should be charging?

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