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More Prizes for the Birthday Bash

By Char

A really big gift to all of my readers is coming later today (hint: it has something to do with my normal Wednesday feature), but in the meantime, I wanted to update you on some new prizes that have been added to the prize vault.

So far we have:

And we have just added:

Race Through the Forest, by Timothy Johnson

Timothy describes Race Through the Forest as a management fable, but adds, “it’s really the story within a story, my own personal Midsummer Night’s Dream of business writing, of project management, of carpe factum.”

The tale begins when two siblings – owners of Forest Industries – place a bet. Frustrated by incompatible project management philosophies, each agrees to initiate one of the company’s two largest strategic projects.

Project teams are formed and we follow their true-to-life ups and downs in a journey through every phase in the life of a project.

I’ll Do it Myself, Glenda Hyatt Watson

glenda-cover_sml.jpgGlenda has cerebral palsy. A lack of oxygen at birth meant she would not be able to walk, her hands would not function well and her speech would be almost impossible to understand. Her parents were advised to institutionalize her. She wouldn’t amount to anything, the experts said.

Yet, this gutsy redhead proved them wrong. Glenda was integrated into a regular classroom long before mainstream was a buzzword. She went on to earn the Canada Cord, the highest award in Girl Guides, and the Outstanding Junior Student Award. The girl who could not walk won a gold medal in horseback riding!

How did she do it? Read Glenda’s inspiring autobiography I’ll Do It Myself! Glenda intimately shares her life story to show others cerebral palsy is not a death sentence, but rather a life sentence.

And, Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Win a Guest Post Spot

Liz Strauss at Successful Blog has an extremely popular blog with a highly talkative audience. Liz has offered to award one lucky blogger with a Guest Author spot to be published on her blog, complete your links and your byline.

What are you waiting for? Get your entry in by Friday, midnight. All you have to do is link to one of your favorite Essential Keystrokes posts and/or leave me a comment this week. How easy is that?

And don’t forget to stay tuned for a HUGE post later today….

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Hi Charlene:

Happy impending birthday! I’ve posted a link to your evolution post on my personal blog. Sure, it would be nice to win Lorelle’s book, but honestly, I really enjoyed the post…it’s inspired me to write a smiliar one in two months when I celebrate my own blog-day!

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