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More WordPress Plug-in Goodness

By Char

Today must have been WordPress Plug-In Day. I spent a large part of my day today explaining plug-ins, recommending them, finding new ones, installing them, and tweaking them. Whew.

Here are a few of the plug-ins I got to know a little better today.

SRG Clean Archive

I have been looking high and low for a way to create a quick and easy listing of all my blog posts in one place. I wanted this not only for my own reference, but more so for my readers. An archive by month without a full listing of the posts is of no use to anyone.

Sean of GeekWithLaptop had my solution! It is called SRG Clean Archive. The result looks like this – my archive page. This one is a very quick install and it’s readme file is easy to follow. If you have installed this in the past, you need to go back and get the latest version. Version 3.0 is hot off the press as it was just released today.

SEO Title Tag

The key to the sucess of many of my sites is the search engine traffic (okay, that’s the key to just about everyone’s success) and I knew I didn’t have everything in my code completely optimized. I emailed Sarah Lewis of Blogging Expertise for a bit of her insight. Namely, I wanted to know which plug-in she uses for modifying the title tag to be more SEO friendly (like what she did for eMoms at Home).

Sarah recommended Net Concept’s SEO Title Tag plug-in. The SEO Title Tag plug-in allows you to overwrite your blog name in your post title tag with the actual post name. This is much more search engine friendly as it produces reinforces relevant keyword matching.

It was a quick install that only required a small amount of customization – all of which was done through the Dashboard (options and pasting a line of code in the header.php file).

If you aren’t in the mood for a plug-in, Daily Blog Tips has instructions on creating an optimal title tag – complete with the code. I found this by way of Randa’s post 5 SEO Enhancements for Your Blog.


I started the day helping Ponn at Empower Women Now add the WP-Amazon plug-in to her blog. With this plug-in you can add photos and links to relevant products to your blog posts through a quick search, then an even quicker drag and drop.

Of course, you have to have an Amazon Affiliate account first (so the plug-in knows who to credit), but once you do, this plug-in is so easy to use.

What plug-ins have you discovered recently or would you recommend as a must have for your blog?


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I’m using WordPress as a CMS for my articles-based website: The site is hosted at GoDaddy, and I have WP installed in a subfolder. I’ve found no blog solution to the problem of indexing articles by category; that’s why I created a static home page to hold the index. Works fine, though with the drawbacks of WordPress (the occasional disappearing page and voided “perma”link.

I’m looking at the excellent hosting service as an alternative, for better stability/reliability than WordPress provides. SquareSpace will let you create a static home page with links to articles. But there are (of course) limitations: two-column format only, and (as I understand it so far, at least), no rearranging of home page articles into categories.

Still, I may go with SquareSpace for the reliability and continue to use my static home page. I reckon if a hosting company tried to provide this level of flexibility, things would get very, very complicated, very quickly.


Char, I had a go at creating a SEO friendly title element. Have a look at the code in the bottom half of my post on header and title elements. It takes a bit of template editing, but produces the results you can see on my blog.

What do you think?


Thanks for all your help today Char! I know I could go a long way with the Amazon plugin, its so easy to use…even for this computer-dummy ;-)

Since I have over 20+ plugins installed, I know it’s high time to finally share my list for others to gain from my experience. I agree with Sarah, the SEO Title Tag is so easy to use. I love having the Yahoo suggestion keyword option to guide me with which keywords and phrases I should add. The only thing is I don’t particularly like the blurry list of title tags my present set-up allows for.

The archive page looks an ideal option for me, as it’s one less list to take out of my over-crowded columns. Hmm…I’m wondering if this can work together (e.g. underneath) my Site Map on my Site Map page…
I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the tips! Thumbs Up :-D


If you like the archive plugin you will love the site map plugin Dagon Design Sitemap Generator at

Titles are the most important element is SEO.
Read The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs at

George, WP is more that powerful enough to host your site, but if you feel more comfortable paying for Squarespace, go for it. I think you just need to find a more suitable theme.


Hi Char, thanks for your kind words and mention about SRG Clean Archives.

@Ponn Sabra: Indeed, my plugin can be added to any WordPress page, even a site map.

If you need assistance, send me a message via my site. Just click my name to head over or use the link Char provided.


I couldn’t help but weight in with this one Char! Some of my favourite plugins are :

Subscribe to Comments – Let’s people keep a track of the conversation via email.

Vipers Video Quick Tags – makes embedding YouTube, Google and other videos A LOT easier and quicker.

Sidebar Modules – I use this on clients sites to make adding sidebar content much easier for them (personally I can’t help but love fiddling with the code on my site though)

Live – if ever you get that feeling that you want to watch people reading your blog then this is the tool. You can’t actually watch the people but you can see their IP address and where they are going on your site

Tan-Tan Reports – a great way to integrate basic stats from Google Analytics and Feedburner and display them in the WordPress dashboard environment

That’ll do for now :-)


Oops – sorry – missed out an end bracket in my link!

Coincidence: I installed the SRG Clean Archive just last night, but I think I picked up an older version, so I’ll have to check that … I also installed Lighter Admin Menus, which should make life easier, and Share This (replacing two plugins with one, which has to be good), so I’ll see how they bed down. I did need to install runPHP as well, to make Share This work.


Hi Char,

Nice post. I’ve already installed the title tag on mine, but not the other two.

Had I not just created a new page on my site for featured articles I would’ve gone ahead with the first plugin. I am however going to check out the Amazon one as I’ve been meaning to list a few recommended reads for a while now.



Wow – even more WP plugin goodness! It is very interesting to hear what others are using, what works and what doesn’t. Keep adding to this list!

George – I love using WP as a CMS. Sometimes you have to be a bit creative, but it does work well.

Ponn – the Clean Archive plugin is perfect for your site!

Skarld – thanks for more resources – you can never have too many!

Sean – you have really done a nice job with the plugin and I really like the new look of your blog.

Leah – thanks for you additions to the list! I need to get the latest version of subscribe to comments – my blogs are lacking that one.

Lucy – thanks for stopping in! I need to add Share This to my list, too. So much to do – so little time.

David – you’ll find the Amazon plugin very easy to use.


SEO Title Tag has done wonders for me. To think I was blogging for more than one year before finding this plug-in. What a difference it has made!


I love that Amazon plug-in– thanks for sharing! That’s something I’ve been wishing for, and I can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner.


Hi Char,

Just dropping in from StumbleUpon Buzz .. :)

The SEO Title Tag plugin is pretty essential for every blog. Its beauty lies in the fact that you can go witty, obscure or snarky with your post title but still include keywords and commonly search terms for the actual title of the page.


I just wanted to say what a fantastic blog you have. I came across your site when joining up with Blogcatalog. I’m really new to blogging but I’m enjoying every minute of it! Thanks again for providing such a valuable resource.

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