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My 13 Favorite WordPress Resources

By Char

Thursday Thirteen

Over the past six months I have discovered so many great resources for WordPress support. As part of Thursday Thirteen this week, I am sharing them with you.

  1. Lorelle on WordPress -  If I need anything related to WP, I go to Lorelle’s site first. It is such a comprehensive resource. (Bookmark it NOW)
  2. WordPress Codex – The second place I go when I need a question answered.
  3. Problogger’s WordPress Resources
  4. Alex King – I’m loving the Most Popular plugin (I have it running at CasualKeystrokes and it will be here soon)
  5. cre8d design
  6. Lisa Sabin-Wilson – her upcoming book WordPress for Dummies is sure to be a must have resource
  7. WASABI WP Plugins
  8. – the huge sortable database of free WP themes
  9. WP Designer – themes and support forums
  10. Brian Gardner – more beautiful themes
  11. Kaushel Sheth – and more great themes
  12. ThemesBase – more themes and support forum
  13. WordPress Station – a WP blog about WP

I know there are more. Many more. Please share some of your favorites by leaving a comment!



sorry i have no favorites since i don’t use wordpress but i’m sure this is really helpful for wordpress users…

my list is ready…


Still on blogger…no help here.

My list is up!


Jenny & Chana – thanks for coming by.


This is a GREAT list, thank you so much!


I can’t share my experience with wordpress – I use moveable type – which I absolutely love.

My list is up too – all about chickens, art, and life.


I don’t use WordPress either so I don’t have any goodies to offer! However, I am sure this list is valuable to WordPress users!

I love the look of your blog!


Thanks for that list! I have book marked all of them.


I love the word press blogs.
I am on blogger. I am technologically challenged.
I barely manage blogger.
I have not confidence in my computer ability.
I envy people who can do everything that you are doing.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT’ing!
(“)_ (“)Å 


Thank you so much! I really needed a list of wordpress resources. :)


Instead of book marking them all I just decided to bookmark this page!


Thanks for the list. I found a few resources with which I was not familiar. Let me suggest a few as well:
and a new one

I did not like Themesbase. Although most themes are freely distributed, I prefer linking to the designer’s site for downloads, and recognition for their hard work.

There is a free service to help you install WP on your server, or you could always just use


Skarld –

Thanks for bringing me more resources – they are great!!


i just started to blog on word press and i do not know how to get people to read my blog i want to change the world for the better with my blog and it is very deep my blog on word press is called FIGHT THE BRAINWASHING WITH THE REAL TRUTH” and i really put my heart and soul into my blog and hope to bring real change to the way people think about life in general and wake people to the truth thank you for allowing me to write this comment and i think your blog is great and you have a lot of great info. for people to use.


Thanks for the link. Though I haven’t quite kept up with the site over the past year, I’m slowly coming around to updating on a semi-regular basis. Seeing links like this and knowing that it still is a resource for users only encourages me to keep it up.

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