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My Music Meme

By Char

Given the choice, I will listen to music over watching TV any day of the week. Music engages my brain, whereas TV doesn’t really (there are a few exceptions). Dawud at is passing around a meme on music and challenged some of me to share my music inspirations with my readers.

Let’s just say I love music – just about anything really – especially if it has a good beat. I am an upbeat kind of a gal, and I want the music to go with it. I am not as much into the “words” as I am into the voice and the music itself. Whether I am just working in my office, cleaning the house or working out, I want my music to go with me. That being said, I don’t have a clue when the last time I listened to our local radio station was! Yes, even my music is technologically advanced.

In the car we have satellite radioSirius in the Excursion and XM in the Honda. Honestly, I am addicted to it. With three kids, the station is usually on Radio Disney. Yes, it is a bunch of bubble-gum pop, but it is clean, we know all the words and it generally keeps everyone happy. On the rare occasion that I get to drive alone, I have fun flipping through the stations by genre and digging up my favorite 80′s and “new wave” tunes. My husband relies on it for traffic reports during his horrible commute and he loves the comedy channels.

While I am in my office, I am usually tuned in to Virgin Radio’s live player via their site or sometimes via iTunes. The DJs play a pretty good mix of old and new songs. Besides – I need my Europe fix daily! It never fails to amuse me how often they play some of the American classic rock “anthems” still. Some of my current favorites to work by are: Robbie Williams, Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol, Mika, The Fratellis and Artic Monkeys.

We have a few iPods. My daughter has one that is full of tunes by Hannah Montana, Hillary Duff, movie soundtracks and other tween tunes. Believe it or not, these songs are often perfect for working out – mindless lyrics with a snappy beat. My husband’s iPod has all of our favorites on it – from U2 to REM, Elvis, and other good oldies. I will take this one sometimes – when I’m in the mood for “sweatin’ to the oldies.” If I am really in a fun mood, I love challenging the kids to a dance mat contest – Dance, Dance, Revolution. My kids know I am not afraid to mix it up with them and their friends and often times, I win.

So what is your music style? I won’t tag anyone specifically – but if this theme makes your heart sing, then by all means, run with it!

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Great meme. It´s on my blog.


Ingo – somehow I just knew you couldn’t resist this one!


Hey Char

Thanks for spinnin’ your tracks. Sounds like you have a diverse a music love as I do.


No problem Dawud – I love so many different kinds of music, it is too hard to pick a favorite.


Hey Char – you sound like me.. my musical tastes run all over the place!

I do enjoy XM in the car… I listen to my iTunes selections while I”m working and am a frequent buyer in the iTunes store.

Occasionally, to mix it up – I listen to Yahoo’s Radio LaunchCast.

We gave my daughter the whole DDR gear for Christmas last year – and I love to do that with her, too. Way too much fun :)


I totally agree – I never listen to the local radio anymore. I am so disenchanted with what we call “pop” music and rap… forget it! I`ll hear the same 10 songs over and over and over… They ruin a song I love within 3 days by playing it out. Local radio should do themselves a favor and think about what the people really want to hear. My friends and I all agree – diversity in your music is key! You`d think they would have caught on by now!

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