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Oh, The Things Spammers Will Say

By Char

stop comment spamSince I began blogging 18 months ago, I have seen some pretty interesting tactics by spammers to trick us into letting their links through our iron-clad spam filters. Let’s take a look at some of the obvious and not so obvious attempts:

  1. Obvious: Fake comments left with lists of links to prescription drug related terms, celebrity names, and other R-rated terms (we’re not talking about VanessaFoxNude, here). Most good spam filters will automatically flag these, but the occasional one can still slip through to moderation.
  2. A little less obvious: The one word answers like “cool”, “nice”, “interesting” are another way that spammers prey on inexperienced bloggers. They figure if they give you a compliment, you will let them in.
  3. Still sneaky: How many times have you seen comments that read “I didn’t understand your post on The Things Spammers Will Say. I will have to do more research.”? It is just another sneaky attempt to get past your spam radar by making you think the spammer is a real person who has actually read your post.
  4. Just wrong: Sites that scrape your content and then try to pass it off as a trackback are just wrong. Who do they think we are? Sleazy link-whoring tactics just aren’t right and content scraping is the worst!
  5. Super shady: What about people who come to your site hoping to game the search engines? I don’t let comments from people with names like “Make Money Now” and “New York SEO” go through – especially if they link to spammy landing pages that obviously have no benefit to my readers. Legit or not – this tactic will just get you flagged as spam.

Your best defense against blogging spam is to use an anti-spam plug in like Akismet, Spam Karma, or Bad Behavior plus vigilance on your own part.

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Char, I was really glad to get more insights about spamming. Goodness only knows I have enough of it on my phone, mail and email. I’ve been a little naive, so your post is most informative! Thanks.


Char, I love the “The Best of Essential Keystrokes” after each post. How do you do that? Is it a plugin?


Robyn – glad you found it helpful!!

Ryan – it is a combination hard-coded and plugin. Here is the post I wrote about it:

Getting Sticky with Tabbed Content


The sneakiest spam comment yet – I have a regular commenter named Ross. Then I received a comment from “Ross” that seemed a little off topic. But when I checked the URL it was not the same Ross.

I don’t think the spammer was intentionally mimicking the regular reader (probably just coincidence) but that comment slipped through my initial spammy comment check.

Yep spam comments are frustrating!


We worst ones I have been getting recently are in foreign languages (I think Russian) often with a link to a phishing site.

I get a lot of one line spam posts with no links which i often find strange.


I have a medical site, and probably get more than my share of the “buy viagra” type spam. However, when I got “buy this drug” spam in several foreign languages, decided to take it as reaching some level in relevance in the blog universe. How’s that for re-framing a problem? :)


I produce a green travel blog, and recently after posting a less than favorable review of a new product I got a comment from a woman praising the product – it seemed genuine enough; but several days later I got another comment from what appeared to different woman praising the product – but both comments came from the same IP address. This is another form of comment spam in my opinion – the undercover PR rep, posters who pretend to be genuine readers but actually have vested interests.


I hate spammers. I have quite a few on my site but I feel horrible to delete them. But thanks for these tips…now I feel like I can go delete them. BTW I just found your site tonight and I love it. Bookmarked it already!!

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