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Oh, there is more! Another Reason I Love WordPress

By Char

I have been impressed by the power of WordPress since the day I made the switch from Blogger. The range of WordPress templates available is limited only by your imagination and coding comfort level. The variety of features, goodies, and add-ons available is mind boggling. And it is so easy to use that we are even seeing full web sites being developed using a WordPress base.

And why didn’t I use the Split Post tag sooner? It has been staring me in the face all this time.

Using the split post tag has so many advantages, yet I was hesitant to give it a try! What was I thinking? A few advantages I can think of include:

  • You can fit more posts on your main page, allowing visitors to view a range of headlines all at once.
  • From the tracking standpoint, I think it will make it easier to determine the most read posts.
  • Allows additional Adsense placement (not that blog readers ever click on ads).

I have heard that it has disadvantages, too, and that it doesn’t always play nicely with feed readers, but I am going to test it out and see what I think.  What do you think? Is it a good thing or no?

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Actually I have tried the split post thing on my previous blog, and I didn’t like it.. or at least, I don’t like blogs that do it. We visit a blog’s main page and expect to read a post. Sometimes you want to read two posts. Having this tag means having to click and click.. which I don’t like.

I think it all depends on how easy you want your readers to read your blog. Its like offering partial feeds… The advice I get from my mentors is to build a “friendly” blog first, build the traffic, then think about income. Afterall, in the building stage, the ad income would be just pennies. :)

When I doubt, I always model after the best blogs out there, like ProBlogger, or Micropersuasion. I think that is the best strategy.


Thanks for giving me the other side of the story! I think it is definitely a tool that has it’s positives and its negatives and it boils down to personal preference. I certainly see both sides and it is nice to know the tool is available and easy to use if I choose to use it.


I would agree to you that WordPress is much nicer than Blogger. I’m now about to jump from the ‘Blogger’s boat’ to WordPress.


I’ve been using WordPress ever since the software first came out and I’ve never considered using anything else. If I have any questions support is just around the corner, and there are some many coders contributing useful plugins for just about everything you can think of.

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