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On Meeting Liz Strauss

By Char

Anyone who has been moving around the business blogging circles for any amount of time has certainly heard the name Liz Strauss a time or two (and if you haven’t, now’s the time to get to know her). When you visit Liz’s Successful Blog site you immediately get the impression you have just been welcomed inside somewhere special – that is by design. Successful Blog is the home of Tuesday Night Open Comment Night and more thought provoking, mind challenging, and business blogging posts than anywhere else I know. Some have even commented that Liz is inside our computers.

Well, she’s not! On Friday I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Liz face-to-face. And you know what? Even though that was the first time I had ever met Liz in person, it didn’t feel that way.

Liz Strauss and Char Polanosky

Liz called me Thursday morning and  said “I have an idea.” Anyone who knows Liz will tell you, if she says that, you had better be prepared! She said I’m coming to Washington DC for the weekend and could we meet Friday afternoon? We are working on a project together and there were lots of loose ends that needed to be discussed and this just seemed like the most efficient way to get it done.

And it was! No technology. Just paper, pencils, two minds working, talking, and sharing ideas. The meeting was a tremendous success on so many levels. There was also plenty of talk about SOBcon 07 & 08, Blogher, blogs we love, rock stars, families, education and silly stuff.

I got to meet two of her friends – Peg, who is super cool and made me laugh – and Vincent, who was kind enough to take this picture of Liz and me.

Thanks Liz! It was a wonderful meeting.

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Hi Char!
It was so much a success! Thank you thank you thank you!! Everything we did went so well and you are such a pleasure to be with. The time just flew by. We got soooo much done! I can’t wait to come back to see you!

Thank you again!


Whoo-hoo! Looks like a fun time was had by all. Liz sure is a fun gal Char. Looking forward to meeting YOU in person someday soon, perhaps at SOBCon08?


How fun! I’m so glad you got to meet. I’m glad you had so much fun :)


Liz – you are most welcome! Looking forward to the next meeting.

Phil – yes, it was fun and we got work done, too. Looking forward to meeting you one day as well.

Gayla – I can’t wait until I can post a picture of you and me hanging out. One day… hopefully sooner than later.


What a neat post. It gives me hope that one day I will meet my blogging buds!


I KNOW! I’m looking forward to that day too Char :)

And Angela :P


Isn’t it neat how there’s this total relaxed acceptance when you meet a fellow blogger? I love that.

And I’m looking forward to meeting you and Gayla one of these days.


Angela & Gayla – you just never know! Things sometimes just happen.

Dawud – I can only imagine how that feeling was amplified for SOBcon!


Sometimes the best ideas or most productive conversations take place over coffee or lunch… without a laptop, a whiteboard, or any other tech toy. :) Sounds like fun!


Wow I feel so out of the loop! Just looked up the reference to SOBcon. I had never even heard of it, but no doubt it’s another event to add to my ever-growing “I wish I could be there, do that” list. :)

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