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Online Video – It’s Not Just For Entertainment Anymore

By Char

When many business owners are asked their thoughts on video online, a lot will still tell you that is where the kids go to find funny videos. However, the times are changing and more and more businesses are finding creative ways to use video to promote their brand and products. Many campaigns are being launched through the use of videos in lieu of traditional marketing methods.

For almost a decade, I have been working with the Susan Carol Associates Public Relations (SCAPR) team as a web designer and new media consultant. Recently SCAPR did a sample video for her clients, introducing video as a PR tool, as well as other new media strategies.

If you watch the whole video (2 minutes) you’ll even see my on screen debut! I make an appearance towards the end.

What’s your opinion? Is online video a viable public relations tool for the average company?

UPDATE: It looks like we got all the bugs worked out. If you had problems viewing it before, please give it another look.

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Hmmm… for some reason I got no sound when I watched the video. I turned the volume all the way up, but got nothing. Maybe it’s just me. You looked very authoritative though…heheh.


I thought it was just me. I was able to hear it when I turned up my system speakers but it does seem there is some issue with the sound.

I’m going to let them know so they can redo the sound track.


It also looks like Susan needs some help embedding the Youtube code in the blog as well. Seeing the code on her sight doesn’t look good and its breaking the design as well. The sound on her voice is very, very low but I can hear something.


YouTube did some weird stuff to the video. We are working on reloading it and trying to work out the bugs. Thanks for being our test audience.


It looks like the bugs are finally worked out.

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