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Passwords are Like…

By Char

In my daily browsing this week I came across this graphic that was just too good to keep to myself. Who would have guessed that passwords and underwear had so much in common? And with the amount of data we share online everyday, your passwords are your single most important way of safeguarding your information and your computer.

Passwords are like underwear

The graphic was found at

So how do you create a great password that is long and  mysterious that you can actually remember? A few of my favorite posts on the topic:

So, do us all a favor – change your underwear, I mean password, frequently and save yourself the embarrassment of being caught with your pants down.

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Good pics. Never guess it also. But in tropical country where I live in, it is not recommended wearing longer underwear. Should I shortened my passwords, like my underwear :p
Thanks for passwords tips links.


This would be great for some people I know! Thanks for sharing!


This is great Char – I’ve found that humour like this can be a good way to help people learn such an important message.


Fiona – thanks for stopping in.

Brooke – you are welcome – it was too good not to share.

Leah – you are right and that is why I had to share it – the analogy makes the concept much easier to relate to.


If I ever get any of my stories published, I’ll have to actually change my passwords, as suddenly they’ll all be there in print. :P For my work-related websites, I just let the random generators create them. They aren’t easy to remember, but working from home means not too many people have access to my little notebook of passwords and such.


A good way of drivng home the message. It’s better to be secure than sorry. This is definitely a good read and I will be sure to share your post to one of my pals. He’s into the habit of writing down passwords on a piece of paper and have a tendency of leaving ‘em around his desk.

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