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Poll: How Does Your Website Make Money

By Char

There are countless ways to earn money via the Web, whether you have a small business web site, a niche product site, or anything in between. One of the most popular posts on this site has been the one I did on Website Monetization: A Reality Check. Since that time, I have experimented with additional monetization strategies – some work, some don’t – and some work better than others depending on your site goals, traffic levels and audience.  I am planning a follow up post to the Website Monetization one, but in the meantime, I’d like some feedback from YOU.

What monetization methods do you use? Take this quick poll and let me know.

[polldaddy poll="1138037"]

Now for the fun part. What monetization methods are working BEST for you? Leave a comment letting us know what type of site you have and what monetization methods are making the most for you. I will be including some of the reponses and the results of the poll in an upcoming post.



Great Poll…we should do this at Chitika. We have over 25,000 publishers running our ad in addition to their Adsense campaigns. Our ads are CPC, but only display to a publishers search traffic. It’s a non-contextual ad unit that can redirect to any other ad unit.


Selling my own products and services, followed by affiliate commissions have always been my best earners, but I know people who make good income from all varieties of ads and cpc also, so I think you just have to find what works for you.


Up to now I’ve pretty much earned money because of my blog through consulting services.

However I’ve been working through some strategic planning and am moving in the direction of becoming a more product based business. So I am going to be offering a mix of my own products and affiliate offers starting in the near future.

That way I’ll start earning more from my blog as well.


The majority of our income comes from Adsense though we do have some other programs and I’m starting to sell direct ads. I’m also fine tuning some ebooks which I’m hoping will become a significant source of income.

Great poll, I’ll keep checking back.


The majority of my income comes from managed link sales, then adsense and then CPM options, and trickles of everything else. Naturally, I would like to reshuffle the importance of these options in their monetization in the general scheme of things or at least up the receipt of earning alternatives.


The majority of my income comes through selling our shirts but we get some money through affiliates and additional money from a few ads.


Thanks all for taking the poll and for sharing your monetization strategies. Keep them coming!


I’m always a little ambivalent about the click-through rate on page banners, as I’ve never been on a site and clicked on an add. What do you guys think?


Adsense is definitely the easy way to go, but not the best . . .


well, i feel adsense will suffice all your monetization goals. Especially if they are image ADS . click thru rate is comparativley above average.Correct me if i`m wrong.


My strategy to make money has always been to first create a well visited site or blog, then I start to add affiliate links inside my posts or pages. I have found that to work best for me, compared with standard banners and adsense.


I have been using adsense for the past 2.5 months (that’s the time since i started blogging on a self hosted wordpress), and i must say I am not impressed with the way things are going. Your poll might give me an idea what alternative I must be looking at. Bookmarked and saved :)


Affiliate sales and adsense works best for me at the moment.I just started selling advertising on my blog and it is slowly picking up speed.


I think it always comes down to quality. Quality content will always be in demand. Of course, “quality” is in the eye of the beholder, however, I think everybody recognizes gibberish, meant only to plant a link, keyword, or to take up space, when we see it.


Adsense is working best for me but affiliate ads aren’t doing well since my website doesn’t have a particular niche.

Kontera ads are doing ok to but they dont pay as much as Adsense.


Adsense works reasonably well for me as I’m in a niche that has high value products that don’t sell in massive numbers.

I make a bit less from paid-for links each month than I do from Adsense.

I’ve been meaning to setup some advertising space on the sidebar of my blog but I’ve been meaning to do this for months!

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