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Project File: Score One For The Blogosphere

By Char

DiMackey Photography

A little background first

One of my inspirations for blogging was V-grrrl, a former business associate who now lives in Belgium. V-grrrl has a true gift when it comes to writing, whether for business or pleasure. Her daily accounts of life in Belgium and life in general will make you laugh, cry and think. She has a way of making every day words come to life – even in the business arena. She wrote the great copy at my main website, Keystrokes Design & Marketing.

When V emailed me about a blogging photographer she met, Di Mackey, and how Di needed some web site design, I was definitely interested.

Taking a different approach

Usually when clients approach me with a web site request, I design the layout, navigation and all the back end for them. Di had something different in mind. She had seen a website template specifically for photography sites at AllWebCo and knew that was what she wanted. I had never worked with a pre-made template before (other than my WordPress templates) and was surprised at how easy it was.

Teamwork and the end result

V-grrl wrote Di’s copy. I created the logo, cropped and placed images, and did the back end tweaking. And now that Di has got the photo part down, she maintains it. The result is a professional looking gallery for Di to showcase her talent and grow her business.

One of my favorite aspects of working on the Internet is being able to meet and work with people from all over the globe, without ever having to meet face to face. And if you are wondering whether blogging can pay off for your business or not, a big resounding YES, IT CAN comes from my desktop.

Happy Friday!

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Great post and great result, Char! The “see-what-you-can-do” approach to the blogoshere is something I share with you (and Angela, V-grrrl, Lorelle just to name a few of your favourites).


Thanks Ingo. The Internet makes these collaborations across oceans possible.


Hey Char, thanks for the write-up and for the work done.
I wrote the 3 of us up too … :)

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