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Project Files – Is That Really WordPress?

By Char

The power of the WordPress platform absolutely amazes me! I recently finished a project for a design company called TwistnShout which completely stretched everything I knew WordPress could do and then some.


TwistnShout main page with area to highlight recent projects.

TwistnShout portfolio page

The portfolio pages have a different sidebar file for each category which allows for the groups of thumbnails to change and be used for navigation.

The basic look of the site was given to me by the owner of the company, who is an amazing print designer. Amy knew the look she wanted, but she wanted a site that she could maintain on her own in the future. Based on her desire to make future modifications on her own, I knew WordPress would be the platform of choice. We hired Brian Gardner to create the site’s basic structure in the form of a custom theme that used multiple template pages and did not contain the comment features, and other typical blog elements.

Once Brian coded the basic structure, I was able to add the content, tweak the design and challenge myself even more.

Each primary section of content – the copy that Amy will most likely change from time to time – was created using a WordPress page or subpage. The side bar (right and left) content was hard coded in using individual theme files.

TwistnShout theme filesAmy wanted the testimonial quotes in the who we are section to change depending on which team member’s bio you were reviewing. She also wanted different navigation for each project type in her portfolio. This took some creative thinking, but I was able to achieve this level of customization through the use of detailed theme files. Each main navigation item already had a unique template that called the correct left navigation, center content and right sidebar. I just took it a step further by creating sublevel template and theme pages.

The development of the TwistnShout site was truly a team effort. Amy knew what she wanted and was willing to let Brian and I challenge the WordPress platform to create a scalable, professional looking portfolio site for her company.

I have lost count of the number of people who have asked, “Is that really WordPress?” To which I have been able to reply, yes it is!

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I never would of thought it was using wordpress. I had a little project I was working on that was using wordpress, but there was a few things wordpress couldn’t do.


I don’t know how you tweaked WP to come up a look like that but you did a pretty good job buddy. WP is really the blog to go with it’s flexibility.



It doesn’t surprise me that YOU are the one who made this happen. You’re brilliant at this stuff!


Loren – I think you’d be surprised what you can make WP do.

Nick – Thanks!

Liz – As always, you know exactly what to say to make a gal’s day! Thanks. See you tonight at Open Comment.


Nice work on that portfolio!

It’s amazing what WordPress can do. Clients ask me for some really out-there stuff sometimes, but a little research proves it’s possible just about every time. WordPress is my hero. :)


WOW! I am so impressed! I am working more and more with wordpress and it’s nice to know that things are possible!

Great job!


Great work Char! This is a a great addition to your portfolio and I’m sure that working with Brian just bumped up your own knowledge base a degree or 7.


Char – great looking site, and thanks for the shout. (no pun intended.) This was a very fun project to work on, as it really made me realize that WP can do pretty much anything you want it to. So many people think that WP is limited to a common blog platform, and not capable of producing something like this site.

It’s my mission in life to show people that WP can be used for blogging, for small portfolio sites and for heavier, more intense things like online magazines and portals.

Great work, and thanks again!


Sarah – I am a firm believer that you never know what WP is capable of until you challenge it.

Brooke – I am continually impressed by it.

Leah – Having the opportunity to work with Brian on this was invaluable. I learned so much in the process.

Brian – You are right, this project was a fun one to unfold. Thanks for all you did to help it come to life.


Lately I have been running into more and more websites which are not blogs, and look nothing like a blog; yet they run on wordpress. The platform is extremely easy to work with and customize, and users love the ability to have such an easy to use backend foe adding content.
You all did a great job on the TwistnShout!


Interested to learn more about it. The cutomization part sound great. Thanks for this.


I’ve been looking for a WP template with this type of layout. Any plans to release something like it?

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