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Search Engines – What A Tangled Web They Weave

By Char

Search Engine WebSearch engines are a vital part of the world wide web, not only because they make it possible to find that virtual needle in the haystack, but because they form such a tangled web themselves in how they share information among themselves.

We have all received offers and read about services that will submit your site to hundreds of search engines for one “low price” (please don’t waste your money).  And there is the other camp that says you don’t need to submit your site to any of them because the spiders and robots will do that for you.  Based on my experience there is a middle ground. Hand submit your sites to the top dogs and it tends to speed the process up a bit (at least it has from what I can tell) and with a well-constructed site, you will be found.

The major search engines are all connected. Google receives directory information from DMOZ and it provides search engine results for iWon, Excite, HotBot, Netscape, Go, and AOL Search.  Yahoo has its own directory but receives results from Inktomi and Overture but provides them to Excite. has created a really cool chart (click on image at top of post) that demonstrates the partnerships between all the sites.  Search Engine Watch also has a very detailed chart that outlines the relationships and gets more into specifics about their terms and contract lengths.

The benefit to understanding the relationships between each of the engines is efficiency. Focus on learning what the top engines are looking for, the rules they have and their quirks and let the web of relationships do the rest for you.

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[...] Search Engines – What a Tangled Web They Weave [...]


[...] Essential Keystrokes demonstrates how search engines are interconnected in complicated ways. [...]

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