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Seven Rockin’ Chick Bloggers

By Char

I’m a Rockin’ Chick BloggerLisa Mills at Work at Home Mom Revolution seems to think that I am a Rockin’ Chick Blogger – and I am very honored to receive the award! I’ll take a bow. According to the “rules” of this award program, I am supposed to pass the award on to 5 more Rockin’ Chicks, but today is 07/07/07 so I think I need to pass this to seven Rockin’ Chicks.

1. Charity at Design Adaptations

2. Lara at Blog What Designs

3. Tara at Graphic Design Blog

4. Sarah at Blogging Expertise

5. Randa at RandaClay

6. Gayla at MomGadget

7. Wendy at eMoms at Home

Okay ladies, keep this rockin’! Take the award and pass it along to 5 (or 7) more Rockin’ Chicks.

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Wow, I don’t feel worthy of making the list, but thank you for including me! Is it just me, or are there about 10 guy bloggers for every 1 woman? Hmm…


Thanks Char! Yes, Charity, I often think the same thing. I think we girls are on the move though.


Charity – you are very worthy – especially since you just released that beautiful WordPress theme!

Randa – I’m glad that there are women like you and many others who have so much knowledge to share and do so in such a helpful way.


Thank you Char! I’m passing it on as we speak :)


Woman, from one Rockin Chick Blogger to another – THANKS! :D

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