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Should I Get a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet?

By Char

As a web designer and general web geek, I am always looking for new tools for my business. I have recently decided that I just might want a Wacom tablet, but I am not sure if I should get one or not.

Wacom Bamboo Fun

I have been looking at the Bamboo Fun (Medium) Black Tablet with Pen, Mouse & Graphics Software because it seems to be the middle of the road version – plenty of features but not the huge price tag.

Anyhow, I would love to know if any of you already have one and what you think of it. Do you use it a lot? Is it easy to use? Would you recommend it?

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I have the lower end Wacom tablet and I use it some and really like it. I’m glad I stuck with this price range because I don’t think I use it enough to have justified buying a more expensive version. I have used it to play iSketch- that’s fun!


Randa – do you have the Bubble or the Bubble Fun? Is it easy to draw with?


Char, get it! I have been looking at them too and my current completely unrealistic goal is to WIN one at MacWorld!


Katie – thanks for the encouragement ;-) Winning one would be good.


I used a high-end wacom tablet at my old job. It really is a superior tool to the mouse when it comes to graphic design. I would recommend a tablet in general, and I did have a good experience with the wacom brand


Having just purchased a Wacom for my brother (17 and his eye for design is very good) he said having A4 size tablet makes a big difference to old A5

See his blog post below.



Definitely get one! It’s the best investment I ever made! An early holiday gift for yourself?



I have the “Graphire” 4×5″ and it is easy to draw with. Definitely one of my favorite gadgets.


I have to agree with the person who said having a tablet in general is a very good idea. I bought a small wacom tablet back in 2002 and it still works great. I mainly use it for finishing drawings in Photoshop (I usually do the initial drawing in pencil then colour on the computer) and occasionally for other design jobs, it really does make a difference. One of these days I hope to graduate to one of the larger tablets in the same brand. It and my Prisma pencils are my favourite art tools ever.


I’ll say ditto “get it” – I got a Bamboo about 6 months ago and its been great. Not only from a creative point of view but using the pen means that my wrist/arm/shoulder is in a “neutral” position and not putting the twisting strain on my arm that the mouse did.


Ok – I am really going to have to get one now! Thanks for all the input.


I have one on my Christmas list, I’ve been drooling over the Wacom Graphire for about 4 months now. I keep telling my husband it’s all I want for Christmas…


Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I also have the graphire 4×5; which I definitely enjoy. I would love to get one a little larger; but can’t rationalize the price right now. Maybe when I am able to bring in a bit more money..teehee.

They are definitely easier on your wrists/hands than a mouse; especially when you are trying to use the pen tool or something similar in Photoshop.You won’t regret it!



I have only just seen your post. I have a Wacom Graphire A5 and wrote a post yesterday saying how I couldn’t get on with it, asking for advice. A lot of people commented saying how good the bamboo and intuos were.


If I didn’t have a TabletPC, I would definitely go out and buy a Wacom tablet.


I’m getting one of these soon. I used to have a normal tablet until my husband shattered it. But they’re REALLY cool.


I have never heard of it until now. Thanks for passing the info on…I will keep checking that out!!


I got the Bamboo Fun for Christmas and I LOVE it!! I will write a review on it in the next few days.


If you do any photo editing or graphic design work, definitely get it. The pen is pressure sensitive so when you use the eraser tool or brush, you get different widths. Plus, most designers can draw better with a pen than a mouse.

As with all the other commenters, thumbs up!


I considered a Wacom tablet a while back. I ended up just getting a table PC, for about $800 (refurbished but works great). Actually writing on the screen is more intuitive.

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