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Six Month Check Up: Auditing My Own Blog

By Char

I started this blog about six months ago so it is about time for a checkup. As much as I like the design for this blog and my personal blog, I am starting to get the urge to change things up a bit. For this one, I am beginning to feel a bit boxed in. I think I want to change layouts, features, and design. So, should I? What features must I retain and what should go?

As I do my daily reading, I have been taking note at my favorite blogs of things I like and things I don’t. Basically I have done an audit of my own blog and here are my recommendations to myself.


As this blog grows, it really needs to make better use of the pages feature. This will allow visitors one more method of finding the information they are looking for.

  • More detailed About page rather than just linking to my other one.
  • How about a page for my most useful posts?
  • Essential Tools is now a series so I need to have a place to highlight each of my featured bloggers.


Within the actual post portion of the blog, I would like to add:

  • Related articles
  • Better Adsense integration
  • Technorati tags and other social bookmarking chicklets


I haven’t decided whether to stick with the two column layout or to move over to a three yet, but I do know there are a few things that will happen:

  • I have some ideas for a snappier header. It is just a matter of playing around with these ideas in Fireworks or Photoshop sometime soon.
  • For some reason I didn’t include recent posts on the side bar in this version – I miss that and it will be coming back.
  • Categories is good and will stay. Archives by month is useless and will go away.
  • I’ll keep the search and subscribe blocks.
  • And of course I will keep my blogroll of Essential Favorites up there too. After all, if its good, I want to share it.

I am hoping that some time between next week and the first of the year I can roll out a new and improved Essential Keystrokes.

How is your blog doing? Is it time for a check-up?

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I think that your site is missing in the essential tools, and the JibberJobber blog in the essential favorites :p :p

I’m just kidding, of course.. :)

I really do think you should put in the little checkbox on comments so that people can subscribe to a thread… it makes for a much richer conversation when you can see if someone comments on your comment, etc.


Jason – thanks for stopping by. I will add the comment check box to my next version, definitely!

I have added you to my Google Reader – who knows, you may find your way into Essential Favorites.


Edited by Essential Keystrokes to say John Smit Jr. STOP SPAMMING ME!

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