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SmartDisk 160GB FireLite Drive – Portable Storage Doesn’t Get Much Cooler

By Char

SmartDisk Firelite 160GB USB driveDid I ever mention that I am married to Mr. Technology? Well, I am. He just can’t help himself. If there is a new gadget, tool, or tech toy out there, Mr. T. will have to pick it up, play with it, test it, or more often than not, buy it.

After experiencing one too many blue screens of death in the early days of our home offices, Mr. T. has become enamored with external data storage. From a bottomless supply of floppy disks back in the 90′s to stacks of writable CDs, Zip drives, flash drives, and external hard drives, we have tried them all. I’m not kidding.

Anyhow, Mr. T. was at his favorite haunt the other day and decided that my life could be made easier with a new technology tool or two. He picked up a SmartDisk USB FireLite drive for me. Why? Because. Because the FireLite drive is so cool. It can hold 160GB of data – which is more than the hard drive in my 3 year old Dell desktop PC. And get this! The entire unit is slightly larger than a deck of cards, which means it will fit in my laptop bag or even in my purse if I need it to.

It is also plug and play! It requires no additional power source (but can handle an AC power supply if needed) and even though it came with software, I haven’t had to install it.

No more excuses when it comes to backing up your data. It just doesn’t get any easier than this!



That looks funky!
Personally my choice is a laptop harddrive and a caddy, you can buy them in once piece and they cost under £40 for 100gb’s.
the good thing is that because its a laptop harddrive it doesn’t need a outside power source it will suck the power from you’re usb.


Mike – the picture doesn’t do it justice! The FireLite drive fits in your hand and is so light. It also needs no outside power source and I’m pretty sure we got a $30 rebate on ours.


‘He just can´t help himself’ – great! That is part of the male gentic code. I know what I´m talking about.


I bought one of these a year or two ago, but its only a 40GB. Great though, when I used to have to work inhouse or pick up work I used to take it with me to transfer files. The other designers always wanted one.


So, I’m shooting a wedding this week and I thought about just keeping the whole shoot the disks I use, but I want to back them up. Will I be able to use it with my sisters PC, then on my Mac at home?

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