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Successful Blog Knows How To Throw A Party

By Char

I have been reading and commenting at Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog for a while now. The one thing I noticed is that she knows how to throw a party – a great, big, blogging party!  She held a blogging birthday party for herself and three other blogs and got hundreds of bloggers to come out for it.  Instead of gifts, the bloggers brought their favorite or most popular posts to share (she is willing to share her presents, too!).  Now, she doesn’t attract just any old bloggers, she attracts some of the most talented bloggers out there. The list of posts brought to the party continues to grow. If you want some great reading, learning, laughing, and relaxation, check out some of these posts:

  1. Motley F….. Crue by Martin (warning: some words my offend).
  2. You’ve only Got 30 Seconds or 20 Words… by Char and The Queen of Multitasking or ADD? by Char
  3. Your Life, Your Greatest Work of Art by Rick
  4. Biphasic Sleep : 30 Day Summary by Scott
  5. The Ingenious Thomas Heatherwick by Mark McGuinness
  6. My Three Most Influential Teachers by Kent Blumberg
  7. Negative Thinking Power by Chris Cree
  8. The Power of 48 Minutes by John Richardson
  9. 3 Valuable Lessons from 1st Grade Career Day by Tony D. Clark
  10. You’d Have to be Brain Dead to Listen Up! by Ellen Weber
  11. What Adoption Usually Looks Like by Kate and No More Gratuitous Celebrity Mother Mentions
  12. New to Blogging? So was I at one time… by TechZ and My # 1 Digg I heart geek boys
  13. What Do You See in This Drawing? by Robyn McMaster
  14. Ignore the Sun by Roger von Oech and Do You Recognize This Symbol?
  15. 21 Ways to Be More Creative by Christine Kane
  16. Amusing PowerPoint Slideshows in Hart’s email by HART
  17. Writing like Dead Grass by Michael Stelzner
  18. Net Neutrality Threatens Grandparents/Vets by Joe
  19. We Can Still Pass The Combating Autism Act by Big Roy
  20. Who Do You Think You Are? by Steve
  21. The Purpose of A Hearty Life by Hsien Lei
  22. Pisa & Florence With Kids
  23. media strategic myopia by Mike Dunn
  24. Keep moving toward your goals by Kirsten Harrell, Psy.D.
  25. Breaking: Bach Joins Keller Williams Realty by Benjamin
  26. Home At Last by Debbie Call
  27. The Shoes by Candice
  28. Mark Ryden’s cabinet of curiosities and popular antiquities by Stephanie
  29. perfect cheese sandwich by SeanRox
  30. How to Write E-mail that Sucks: An Incomplete Guide
  31. Commentary: Economy Foam by Debbie Millman
  32. If You’re Gonna Write Crap, Journal by Carolyn Manning and We Are Family by Carolyn Manning
  33. Cubicle Warrior – What it takes by Scot Herrick
  34. In the side of a mountain, there exists, a place named paradise by Jessica Doyle
  35. The Battles Hymn of the Blogger by Mike Sansone
  36. Crash Davis and the Belief Statement – My Turn by Starbucker
  37. Putting Holes in Walls by Ann Michael
  38. Blogging in Person by Sandra Renshaw
  39. Customer Service Difference #3: Ritz Carlton and Who else wishes there were no moronic idiots in customer service?
  40. Content Theft? Please, Tell Me What You Think About This… by Mark Wade
  41. A Brief History of Digg Controversy by Tony
  42. What Happens During Euthanization? by Renée
  43. Writing for WOM ^ Branding the Croc Hunter Way by Kammie K. and Be Unique, Kick the Critique – Self-Love is Where it’s At by Kammie K.
  44. Successful Blog by Cat
  45. Simplified Business Plans for the Real Becky McCray
  46. Comments From Students on Using a Class Blog by Dr. Delany Kirk
  47. Case File 060805 by Timothy Johnson

Whew! Hats off to all who helped her celebrate. What a great blogging community is out there.



Hi Char,

I’m discorvering your blog thanks to the pingback you made on my Mark Ryden post. Thanks for the link!

I love successful blog as well, it’s a fantastic resource.



Thank you for the link, Char. Doesn’t Liz throw the best parties? Conversation, links, food, and drink. What more could we ask?


Char, you have a great site and thanks for the link! Liz leads the way!


Hi Char,

Thanks for posting the links; Liz throws a great party. I’m a regular every Tuesday night at Successful Blog’s Open Mic nights – for about one or two comments since I usually get in late from the west coast.

I appreciate redoing the links…it is a great list.



All – thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again at her next party!


Hi Char

Don’t think we have met yet over at Liz’s Tuesday night parties but will be sure to keep an eye out for you on the next occassion :) . Nice to make your aquaintance.


Hi Char,

Thanks for the mention! Yes, it was some party. When I went to bed and woke up in the am, everyone was still going.

I’ll look out for you next tuesday (wednesday for me actually)



What a great list, isn’t it? We’re lucky to have all of these posts in one place. Thanks Char for the love and for being part of all of it.



A belated thank you for the link and comment on my post – sorry I missed it last month, nice blog here.


It’s never too late! Thanks for stopping in and the kind words.

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