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Summer is in full swing, and let me just say that while I am having a lot of fun and spending plenty of quality time with my kids, it is not really good for my blogging schedule. However, thanks to some well planted seeds in the spring, I am able to have this crazy summer schedule and not really feel the impact on my business’ bottom line. Today’s Essential Tools features another busy Mom who has a series of successful web sites – Shannon Weidemann from Marketing Elf. Shannon is able to run her business from anywhere – Starbucks, vacation and her home office – without missing a beat – and often from the palm of her hand.

Shannon’s iPhone is truly the heartbeat of her workday -  it has completely changed the way she handles email and social media. She is no longer tied to a computer to send out emails or keep up active discussions on Twitter. Her  iPhone love has no bounds, so with that being said there are several apps that she finds priceless including:

  • Gmail Shannon switched two of her main email accounts to Google apps and that has made checking email via her iPhone so easy.  She is also a bit of  an email packrat so the ability to keep just about everything is very appealing.
  • Twitterlator Pro makes managing social media while on the fly so easy. You  can snap a picture on your phone, upload and tweet it out. Plus Shannon can manage multiple accounts with ease.
  • Simplenote – Shannon just started using Simplenote, but loves being able to start a blog post, write down a thought, and then when she has a moment to sit down at her computer later, she can log into Simplenote online and it is all right there. No need to sync or download anything.

The other essential tool for Shannon is a simple pad of paper. Like so many of us, there is still something about putting ink to paper. Shannon has been known to map out entire website ideas or write down full blog posts on a legal pad or composition notebook. It just really helps the creative process creative process.

I’d love to know what other iPhone apps you use (or apps for other Smartphones) to help keep your business moving forward when you are not in the office. Share them in the comments below, please.

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