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Essential Tools of Designer Jen Goode

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This week’s installment of Essential Tools features Jen Goode, owner of  JGoode Designs, a company offering products that feature her art (lots of penguins!). Jen is also a self taught programmer, very active in the performance marketing industry and loves social media. She will be at Affiliate Summit West this weekend as the coordinator for the Affiliate Summit Mentor Program.

Jen’s day relies on communication with others, information gathering and tools for maintaining her websites and creating the art she sells. She usually keeps all of the following tools and applications open all day. She uses a dual processor Mac so her primary system requirement is that the apps are compatible with Mac.


  • Tweetdeck – JPenguin Communication by Jen Goodeen uses this Twitter application to keep tabs on what other’s are talking about in the various circles she works in. She has columns set up for different people she wanst to make sure to watch or listen to as well as columns for specific hashtags and keywords.
  • Twhirl –  – another Twitter application she uses for the quick direct message view. Sometimes Tweetdeck can feel “too big” and this app is a small, simple to view window.
  • Adium –  a Mac specific multi-client chat program Jen uses to stay connected. It allows her to be logged into multiple chat programs without the clutter of multiple chat programs – similar to Trillian for the PC. The only other chat this program does not support is Skype.

Website maintenance:

  • Jen hand codes most of her websites rather than using website design software. However, if you aren’t as insistent on writing straight code, she recommends Dreamweaver as a good option.
  • Text Wrangler is a lighter version of BBedit, a professional text editing program – similar to notepad on steriods.
  • Fetch – an FTP program – even when she uses programs such as Dreamweaver that allow for file uploads, she prefers to use Fetch for FTP. It allows for multiple windows/connections as well as drag and drop.

Graphic Design:

  • Adobe Photoshop – Jen generally draws directly into digital format using a Wacom Tablet (6×9 Graphire) and Photoshop. Occasionally she will use Adobe Illustrator, but prefers a more hand drawn look to her work

Firefox Add-Ons:

  • ScribeFire -  – a blogging tool that allows you to set up multiple blog access info so you can easily blog from a popup editing window in Firefox. Scribefire has an additional feature called “notes”. This allows you to easily and quickly add notes, ideas, thoughts about blogs all in one place. It really helps Jen stay on task even when little blog brainstorms popup.
  • Firebug -  a tool to help with website coding and debugging. Jen uses this tool primarily to help with CSS as it lets you hover over areas of a webpage to determine the associated styles, etc.
  • Capture Me -  – a Mac utility for taking screen shots. Jen likes this tool because the capture window can be resized so you don’t have to take a snap of the full screen. It’s simple and lightweight – quick and easy to use, too.

Stop back next week for more essential tools for success, featuring Jason Rubacky, Affiliate Development Manager for ShareASale. And, if you are interested in sharing your essential tools for business, drop me a line at cpolanosky [at] gmaildotcom.

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