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essential toolsSince today is International Freelancers Day, it seems fitting to feature freelance writer Laura Spencer of Writing Thoughts and Freelance Folder in this installment of Essential Tools. Laura has 19 years of professional business writing experience and is an excellent resource for writers and freelancers alike (I personally like her round up of 12 Must Reads for Writers – on getting started, what to charge, how to grow and more).

So, what tools does a freelance writer use on a daily basis in today’s technology based economy? In Laura’s own words:

  • WordPress. I realize that probably everyone says this, but it’s true. WordPress is one of my top tools for the various blogs that I write for.
  • Microsoft Office. Most of my non-blog clients require that I use MS Word.  I’m also a heavy Excel user for keeping a wide variety of statistics.
  • Twitter. Although I have other social media accounts, this has become my social media of choice primarily because of the ease of use. I also like the DM feature.
  • Google Docs. I’ve found this to be a great way to collaborate with others and share information.
  • Flickr. This is a great source of Creative Commons licensed images. Many of the photographers are quite gifted.
  • Gimp 2. I’d actually like something a little more full-featured than this, but for now this works well.
  • WOT. This little Firefox add-in tells me whether I’m on a reliable site or not. It’s in my toolbar, and I don’t even have to think about it. The color lets me know if a site is safe.
  • Skype. I use Skype to connect with clients as well as to stay in touch with family that’s not local.

To keep up with Laura and her insights on writing and freelancing, be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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