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This week’s installment of Essential Tools features Jason Rubacky, Affiliate Development Manager for ShareASale. Jason has been involved in all aspects of affiliate marketing – from an affiliate site owner, to an affiliate manager to his current position at ShareASale. Jason may be one of the more colorful personalities in the affiliate space, but he is also very passionate about helping affiliates succeed and is always available to answer a question.

So what tools does Jason consider essential for his online life?

TweetDeck: It allows Jason to manage more than 5 different Twitter accounts on a daily basis. A free chat client that allows you to use an unlimited number of IM accounts such as AIM, MSN, Yahoo Google Talk etc. Plus you can use multiple accounts for each service. It lets you easily segment your friends from your clients to your affiliates to your co-workers. (sounds like a tool I need to start using!)

Facebook: It is the tool to use to create and maintain personal and professional relationships. Jason also uses Facebook to create multiple fan pages for projects that he is working on.

WickedFire: A webmaster forum that deals mostly with affiliate marketing but on the lighter side of things. You can use it to gain knowledge about a campaign or new SEO tricks, or just take a load off by enjoying some of the many Photoshop contests. Is a place to check out the latest and greatest podcasts from some of the industries’ best. They let anybody have one – check out Jason’s latest podcast with Eric Nagel where they discuss industry issues from two different points of view: as an affiliate and as an affiliate development manager.

And then there are the Firefox add-ons that Jason can’t live without:

  • Search Status – displays Google, Compete and Alexa ranking data with a search related tool bar
  • Screengrab – a great way to cleanly grab any page straight from your FireFox browser
  • GA- Shows you if a site has Google analytics installed

What tools do you consider to be essential for online success? Stop back next week for more essential tools for success, featuring Brian Pipa, owner and developer of two amazingly successful sites, and the rocking t-shirt search engine, And, if you are interested in sharing your essential tools for business, drop me a line at cpolanosky [at] gmaildotcom.

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Monetize Your Own Videos

Posted by: Char | Comments (2)

videoDo you create videos for your website? Did you know that you can monetize those videos with product links that are relevant to the video’s content? If you are a member of the ShareASale affiliate network, you now have a pretty amazing tool that will allow you to recommend individual products throughout your own videos and generate revenue from those product recommendations.

Let’s say you have a craft site and you do a video containing step by step instructions for creating a project. With the Make-a-Video tool, you can go back through the video and link to merchants (that are part of ShareASale) that sell the materials you used in your video. How cool is that? ShareASale has so many different merchants in their program that chances are, what ever your video topic is, there is a product that would be a good match.

Another example – would you ever imagine that a video about a golf event would be the perfect opportunity to recommend a ballroom dancing product? Think again.

Better yet, go to the ShareASale blog and watch the video tutorial on creating your own monetized video, then watch the finished product below to see how golf and ballroom connect. If you are patient and watch the entire golf event video, you might just see a lady wearing a purple shirt sink a pretty fabulous putt… (hint, that’s me).

Disclosure: I was one of the invited guests to the ShareASale Think Tank event and had the pleasure of playing (sleep deprived) in the Golf Event. I also use ShareASale to monetize many of my sites. However, their Make-A-Video tool is still awesome, and you needed to know about it!

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