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Essential Tools Featuring Kim Woodbridge

Posted by: Char | Comments (3)

It’s Friday and that means it is time for another installment of Essential Tools. In this week’s spotlight we have WordPress and Facebook consultant, Kim Woodbridge from (Anti) Social Development.

Kim entered the world of freelancing about a year ago and primarily does WordPress customizations, maintenance, site transfers and training. She also designs custom Facebook fan pages. Her primary blog is (Anti) Social Development and also has a very old site about Mary Shelley and Frankenstein that she recently converted to WordPress.

In her own words, Kim’s essential tools for success online:

  1. WordPress – Most of the work I do is with WordPress and I use it on my own sites. I always have at least one instance of a WordPress site open. Which leads me to…
  2. Firefox – I know people have been complaining that it’s slow but it’s still my favorite browser and the various plugins I use, such as the Web Developer toolbar, really help with my workflow. I usually have 2-3 Firefox windows open with multiple tabs in each.
  3. Facebook – Yes, it’s a site not a tool but I am doing more fan page customizations so I am either working on a page, monitoring my news stream or answering questions on my own fan page. And I do try to spend some time deciphering the discussion forums and help files to monitor the frequently asked questions and areas of Facebook that are confusing.
  4. Notepad++ – I love this text editor. It has syntax highlighting, tons of cool plugins, multiple tabs, and it’s free! I rarely use a Word Processor because Notepad++ does what I need it to. I originally learned html writing it out in a text editor and I still do it the same way. (note from Char – this is the only text editor I use, too!)
  5. Gmail - I use gmail for all my email accounts – they all forward into one. I worry sometimes about Google having all of my email so I back it up weekly with Thunderbird.
  6. Irfanview – I’m not a graphic designer so Irfanview has most of the functionality I need for image editing. One of my favorite features is the pdf plugin – I can save a pdf as an image and vice versa.
  7. Zamzar – this is a free online file converter. I don’t use any Microsoft products (other than Windows) and it allows me to convert documents from one format to another. It’s especially useful when I receive Publisher files. And, bonus – I don’t have to ask the client to resend ;-)
  8. Tweetdeck – I don’t know if it’s still the best Twitter client but it’s my favorite.

Thanks Kim for sharing a few tools I was not familiar with but will go check out (Zamzar and Irfanview)!

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