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Tagged With 5 Things This Time

By Char

Last week when I got tagged, I had to post a photo of myself. This week the tag provides a bit more of a challenge. Leah at Working Solo has given me the rather viral tag of telling 5 things about myself that, you my readers, probably would not know. So without further ado, here we go.

1 & 2. The career path which has led me to this point has been, well, different. Since graduating from college with a degree in Economics, I have coached competitive gymnastics full time (still do that part-time, just because), worked as a technical writer for a defense contractor (where I met my husband), been a director at a now defunct franchise of computer learning centers for kids (Futurekids), and started my own web design and marketing firm (ever wonder how I got the name for this blog?).

3. While I was in high school I visited the Berlin Wall and East Berlin. This was about a year before the wall came down and anyone ever imagined it would come down.

4. I love Las Vegas – wish I was there right now. If not Vegas, I’d love to be in Kinsale, Ireland. How is that for extremes?

5. I started blogging as a form of research (gotta stay one step ahead of your clients, you know) and ended up finding it to be such a great outlet, tool, networking opportunity, and a way of meeting cool people, that I decide to stick with it!!

So there you have it. I am now tagging V-Grrrl (my original inspiration), Meredith, Jennifer, Gayla (again, sorry) and Easton at his new blog.

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Well done Char!

The link to Easton’s new blog looks a lot like V-Grrrl’s site :-?


Arggh, and there was me emailing you that I was off to Germany … the bizarre thing being that so many countries are so close to Belgium … later I thought , ‘Damn, I wrote that as if I imagined Char’s never been out of the U.S’.

Of course you have … sigh, excuse me. The ‘bizarre’ was more about me coming from New Zaland and being so far from anywhere else in the world.

Anyway, I’m enjoying reading your tags :)


Leah – thanks for the eagle eyes! Not sure how I managed that one, but its fixed now.

Di – I didn’t get your email yet – but have fun in Germany. Its one of my favorite places too and one of my closest friends just moved there. I would love to visit again.


We’re all glad you decided to stick with blogging, too, Char.

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