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Taking Off The Gloves – Blogger Style!

By Char

Wendy Piersall of eMomsAtHome and Steve Olson are having a little competition. It involves MyBlogLog and Wendy is trying to get more people to join Steve’s MyBlogLog community and Steve is drumming up members for Wendy’s community. Oh, and they are doing it all for a good cause –


So Wendy was leading the contest until she caught wind of the tactics Steve was using to get members for her community and she decided it was time to take off the gloves! In the name of disclosure, Wendy has offered to pay me to blog about their little competition.
So go join Steve’s community so Wendy can win! If you want more information on this whole contest, check out Wendy’s blog and get involved.

And Wendy, you can take the amount you offered for blogging about this and add it to your Kiva donation kitty.

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I [heart} you Char!

$10 to Kiva it is!!! :)



You’re welcome!!


Nice way to get members :) . feel free to join my community.


Creative, isn’t it? Anyhow, I thought I had already joined your community, but I hadn’t. So, now I have.

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