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TGIF – Bits and pieces

By Char

I bet many of you thought I fell off the face of the earth this week! I haven’t. That ol’ 4th of July holiday in the middle of the week coupled with getting my blog contest prizes in the mail and working on some new projects has consumed my brain power.

So, just a few random thoughts today.

  • Did anyone notice that I put the 164 Essential Tools up top and right at your fingertips? And it is on the right at the moment, too – as the most popular post on this site. Thanks to all my contributors! And speaking of contributors, I am accepting candidates for future Essential Tools posts now. If you are interested, leave me a comment and I will send you the guidelines.
  • CrazyEgg. Wow. I used CrazyEgg to get a feel for where visitors were coming from, clicking on, and such back when the service first debuted. It was very useful, but I eventually removed it. I decided to check it out again as I tweak a few of my sites and have been most impressed. Not only can you use the heat map option to quickly see where your visitors are clicking, but the new Confetti view ROCKS. I love its sleek “iPhone” look, but the referrers, top search terms, browser info, and time to click information is really valuable.
  • And from the crew at Mingle2 who also brought you the “How addicted to coffee are you?” and the “How addicted to blogging are you?” quizzes, I bring you “How Geek Are You?” – Me, I’m 64% geek. I’m sure it would have been higher without the comic book and Star Trek questions.

64% GeekMingle2Free Online Dating

Here is hoping you have a great weekend! I have plans to relax and recharge my brain!

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Wow, you’re pretty geeky Char… :) I’m only 34% geek. Crazy Egg rocks – I need to play with it again. When I did it, they didn’t have the confetti thing.


I’m even less – 28% geek – not actually surprising, I never characterize myself as a geek. ;) I’m happy for you though!


I’m a cool geek – I think ;-)


Well I didn’t ace this test thank goodness. Char you did beat me on this one teehee. I’m only %58 percent :)


Gayla – I figured you would be right up there with me! Haha.


Interesting choices for Essential Tools… but where are the backup software? Disaster recovery stuff? disk cloning? bootable CDs with tools when your PC/laptop doesn’t boot up? How to save or salvage your files?

Does it show that I’m a geek disguised as a Coach?

What are the guidelines for your futire posts?


Wow, hmmm, that’s fairly geeky … a few months ago I would have said I was only 25%, but now I’m guessing I’m up around 75%. I think that working on an actual blog widget probably boosted that score quite a bit ;)


Welcome Web Urbanist! We all have an inner geek, glad yours is out creating cool stuff.

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