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The Blogging Metaphor Project and Winners

By Char

Inspired by my post “How do you explain blogging to your Mom?“ and Derrick’s We’re All Pizza Makers post, Liz Strauss at Successful Blog decided to have a Group Writing Project called What’s your blogging metaphor. In all there were about 50 participants – each sharing their own unique comparison of blogging to something else others can relate to. Here is the final list of entries:

Additionally, ten contributors were selected randomly to receive an autographed copy of Lorelle’s book “Blogging Tips — What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.”

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who participated – you all painted creative comparisons!

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Thanks for the links to everyone. I just tooled around your site (more than the last time I was here) and really enjoyed myself. Also, have changed my blog layout more so that it doesn’t completely look like the original theme which you and I had in common. You have a nice thing going here on blog – congrats, and talk to you soon, Katie


Hmmm … somewhere in here is the idea to start a blog dedicated to metaphors teaching beginners about blogs, web, internet, usability, marketing and more. With great guest posts like these, it would be a hit. Just remember where you got the idea from … I’m think I’m to busy to get it going. :)


Katie – I like the tweaks you made to your site.

Aaron – nice idea! I can (and do) incorporate some of those topics here. I haven’t done a beginners post in a while – I may need to do one soon.

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