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The No More No Follow Movement

By Char

Who would have thought that two little words could start such a trend – or as Chris Cree remarked at Gayla’s MomGadgeta movement! That’s right, the removal of “no follow” code from comments is down right contagious.

The “no follow” link code was originally intended to deter spam comments in the sense that if the link was not followed by the search engines then there wouldn’t be any benefit to the spammers, but spam filters, moderation and plugins are doing that job these days.

The trend is now switching to “do follow” or rewarding users for commenting on your blog by giving them a link each time they do. Now that is what I call nice. If only the rest of the world would play so nicely together.

I am using the Semilogic WordPress plugin to remove “no follow” and I know there are others.

Gayla posted a list of blogs she knows that are promoting “do follow” and sharing the link love:

Are you generous with your links? Have you joined the “do follow” movement? If so, let us know so we can add you to the list!



Hey Char.. how do we know if we are having the ‘do follow’ or no follow’ codes? I obviously like to be part of the ‘do follow’ community!


Doris ~
I wanted to play the “safe side” and just assumed that since I was using WordPress and Blogger for my blogs that the nofollow was just there.

I’m not sure about WordPress, but it was there on blogger. I was able to find a link through David’s link that lead me to the blogger fix.

As far as WordPress – the plugin is so easy it only took 5 minutes to complete from start to finish. So it’s 5 minutes that were well spent to insure that my readers get what they deserve :)

Char, I got the list from David and Dawud and added to it too — it’s fun to watch it grow :)


*raises hand*

Nice to be in good company!


The villagers are getting louder with torches and pitchforks in hand. Man the barricades! Down with NoFollow!


Hi Char!
First time to yours and Gayla’s blogs (sorry it took so long)…but, as I shared I ‘do follow’. Don’t know how, my VA did it…techie-I-am-not.
Please add me to your list, and I will carry the convo. over at too! Sweet movement :-)
Hugz, Ponn


Hi, Char! I’m with you! Um… how do I do it? :-/


Wow! I take the crew to the movies and things are hopping here!

If you have a WordPress blog – use the Semilogic dofollow plugin. It is easy – download the file, upload the php file to your plugins directory and activate.

Jason & Ponn – I will add you now.

Robert – I’m confused – have you already removed no follow?


I joined not to long ago too. I use the LinkLove plugin which lets me determine how many comments are needed before a person’s like has the nofollow removed. In my case I set it to 2.


I just added you Marios! Thanks for letting me know.


Great you’ve joined the movement!

I hope all’s well with you, Char.


Sorry Char.. I’m so *duh* with these techie stuff.. where can I get the plugin to make sure I’m on the ‘to follow’ list? for blogger and WP.


Thanks David – it is a worthy cause!

Doris – go to: for the WP plugin. And here for the Blogger instructions:


Want to tell everyone that you’ve turned off the nofollow in your comments? Check out my new “ifollow” logos- grab one for your sidebar!


Now we’re getting a little traction. Thanks. Let’s keep thing ball moving.


I’ve joined the No More No Follow movement and added the plugin to my blog as well.


I follow on all my blogs :) I also added your Casual Keystrokes to the D List, which is a traveling list of do follow bloggers.


I’ll be adding to this list today. BTW- I added this site to a technorati train going around the net. You can read more about it on my site.


Cass, Bob and Zigire – I have added you!

HomeMom3 – I’m not sure what you need to do in your template as I don’t use that platform.


To remove from blogger:

Feel free to let me know if you have problems locating it.



I’m a follower too … at least I hope so. WP plug-in installed at:

But how do I know if it’s working?


Lucy – I left you a comment – I’ll tell you later if it is working. If I see an inbound link then it is.


Great to hook up here. I have a DoFollow List, too, at . You might want to check out the blogs listed there, too.


I’m a little late to the party, but I finally figured out how to strip the “NoFollow” code from our Blogger templates a bit more than a week ago.


Rob – You are fashionably late! Thanks for stopping in.


I have to say that this movement is amazing and will help out so many bloggers. I love how blogging is becoming more possible for the normal Joe and it will allow for many to gain the knowledge they need to so they can become amazing bloggers.


Thanks for the tip.
Now I do follow comments on my blog.

Entretenimiento Online


I do follow! Add me to the list! :)


I keep asking people with dofollow blogs this question, and so far I’m not getting any responses. I know that with akismet and moderation spam is a non-issue. Since going dofollow, would you say that the increase in traffic and comments you gained is significant? Comment spam, minor nuisance or overwhelming flood of junk comments?



I’m not seeing much of a change in comment numbers. My blog is fairly new though. I think nofollow is just one factor. If you’re not writing anything of interest to readers it isn’t going to matter what you do with your links. I, for one, will keep trying!


I follow links now! If you add me to the list I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


I’m trying this because I happened upon it as I researched blogging. So here I am. Jane


Wait a minute if were being apart of the no follow movement how come your comments are no follow?


I was originally part of dofollow but did not like the amount of spam it was generating. I have asked to have my name remove from the list but it has not happened. Sorry. All comments are welcome, they just are nofollow.

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