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The Power Of The Blogging Community

By Char

What Did You Learn This YearBen at Instigator Blog has challenged us all to share what we have learned in 2006 with our community – after all, that is what makes the online community so powerful. And to make it even more powerful, Ben is making a charitable donation for each post in this group writing project.

I, personally, have learned so much in 2006 that I will need to make a series of posts this week, otherwise each of my readers would be sound asleep on the keyboard.


Before I began blogging, I knew that the Internet was a great tool for information gathering, research, shopping, and such, afterall, I have been designing web sites for clients for years. What I didn’t know, was that when I began blogging and participating in online conversations, I suddenly had my own support staff on call 24/7!

Working from home has its advantages (flexibility, being home for the kids, and no commute), but it also has disadvantages (limited opportunities for professional development, conversation with other adults, and socialization).

Through blogging, I have been thrust into the latest technology trends and have been challenged in ways I have not been in years. There is something very gratifying about slaying your own dragons and helping others slay theirs. There have been many individuals who through the tangled web have managed to find me and come to my rescue on more than one occasion.

Most of us would agree that Lorelle has one of the most extensive WordPress resources sites ever created, but I didn’t find her, she found me! I had a question about WordPress and was frustrated, so I posted my question on my blog and Lorelle found me, and answered my question. By answering my question, she also pointed me in the direction of more awesome resources so I could help myself in the future.

Last week I had a minor crisis when all my Permalinks disappeared (across 3 blogs simulataneously, hmmm) and again, I posted my distress call and was amazed at the response. Through the experience, knowledge, and willingness to share of others, I was able to fix my own problem and find the silver lining in my cloudy day.

I can’t even begin to count the number of interesting people I have been able to connect with thanks to blogging.  My horizons have definitely been broadened but the world has become smaller at the same time. These bloggers have brought humor, knowledge, insight and moments of reflection to my little corner of the world. My office may appear to be a one-mom show, but the reality of it is, I have an enormous support staff at my fingertips.

Thank you to all the bloggers I have conversed with this year – you have made my world a better place.



Glad to meet another blogger through Ben at the InstigatorBlog!

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